Lip Scrub I made


It’s winter here in PA and most of you know that what means besides snow, it’s time for those dry, cracked,peeling sore lips! I’ve tried tons of over the counter lip balm you can get at Wal*Mart and such places, when you get them they seem to start to work but then after little while they just stop! Ever wonder why that is? I know why it’s because they are filled with chemicals that don’t work they keep our lip from not healing to be depended on them, I’ve learned this past year that chemical free stuff works wonders for us and our bodies! Okay I know enough preaching get to the point all ready!

Their are few things that I totally love one is sugar scrubs! This begin said I decided tonight that I would make my own lip scrub to help my lips out in addition to great Lip Bliss that I use from it’s amazing stuff it help my lips out amazing it’s natural you know what you are putting on your lips! however that ‘s another blog! Onto my lip scrub you may wonder where do I get the products well they can be found right in your home! The photo over here on the left is my lip scrub that I just made and applied to my lips, don’t worry if some gets in your mouth while applying because it’s made from sugar,olive oil,glycerin mixed it together rubbed it on my lips for few minutes nothing hard but just enough though.You can store this in any container that you have round the house just make sure that it’s clean and you have lid that you can place on it, that is if you want to.

Here are my lips before I place the scrub on them
they are dry,peeling,cracking thanks winterLOL

Here are my lips after the scrub they feel much softer and lot better, now right after I did this I place some Lip Bliss on it the scrub helps take off the dead skin on my lips and helps with keeping the new skin soft and moist!

Next I plan to make my own lotion and custom lip balm as well


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