Beret I crocheted

I think that I have gotten over my block or whatever it was that I had with my crocheting for while. I got an idea while I was in the shower [of all places to get an idea for something] to crochet beret since it happens to be winter up here in PA and I could wear it right into the spring after all. After my shower I went to to look for pattern but after about few minutes I remembered that I have tons of Crochet Today Magazines, so I went right to as reference point so I knew what magazines that I wanted to dig for and look at to see which one I wanted to try out, after looking at two berets in two different issues I decided that I want to make this one:


I just happen to think that this us such lovely beret that I had to make! Pattern said that it was not had to make at all well the skill level was not hard to make so I decided that it was time for me to makes this which I went fourth and did so.

I will say that I didn’t use the yarn that it called for however I did use the size crochet hook that it called for and I didn’t make Gage switch either because well I just never bother to make swatch I never have I know that I should but I just never do I know that I’m bad I should do this and you should have the right to yell at me for this! The Yarn that I used for this project was Lion Brand yarn Jeffy, it’s such soft warm yarn that I thought it would be nice as most experienced crocheters know you don’t always have to use the yarn that they call for you can use whatever kind you want since you are the yarn artist after all it’s your project you can make it as thick or thin as you would like, you can even use whatever crochet hook as well.

My Beret came out looking like this: it came out looking like the one in the pattern photo so to speak expect I ended up making to small I can’t even get beret on my head! I used the size hook they called for and I’m not use to using 6.00mm hook I’m use to smaller sizes from other projects, I had it in my mind that I would learn to use the bigger hooks, expect when I did so I make it smaller I will have to rip this apart and try it again so that it fit someone head or at least an adults head or maybe I’ll see if it fits child’s head or give it to child for their doll.

I will not let this stop me from making another beret after all this is not my first hat that I ever made!!!!



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