know it has been over year since we last talked!!!

Hello everyone!!!! I know that it had been a long time since I last chatted with all of you, There is good reason for this however, some of you might not find it as good reason, but it’s the truth so here goes huge update I will try not to ramble too badly..

Lets start in November of 2013 I found out that I had problem with my left foot I woke up one morning with the side of my foot begin sore, it just got worse from there it took many, many test to find out what was really wrong with it which put me out on Medical leave from work. <span Because of this I was not able to travel let alone drive so I lost my blogging mojo so to speak the only thing I had to blog about was my foot & my crafts I was not sure how any of you would have liked to hear about those two topics.
Fast foward to April 2014 I was still have problem with my foot however we finally knew what was wrong with it! This turned into double edge sword because I tried so many treatments for it with no relif. Their was an option we had left & that was PRP [platelet rich plasma therapy] which did not fully work I still have pain not as bad as it was in 2013 but I still have.

May 2014 then end of May I lost my job 9yrs because I was out on medical leave to long so that put my mood down even futher my job issues I later found out I could have fought that however that is topice for another time. During those 5/6 month I did not really have much to talk about expect for my crafts, which during those month I got into heavily I am sure you reading this wanting to know what those crafts are. I dived into crocheting, knitting, spinning fiber into yarn as well as I started knitting & crochet podcast. Again, I was not sure how much you would want to read about all of that on this blogl Reading books also because big with me as well on my other blog I have done book reviews if any of you are interested I can put those reviews here just let me know.

Even thought the treatment did not fully work I have good and bad day but I have learned what I can and cannot not do. I was able in early May to start driving again so I was able to start traveling again, which I did, however my mojo for blogging did not come back so I took the rest of 2014 off to decide whether I wanted to come back to it or not.
I did after much thought decide to come back to it, I miss writing even if I am not very good at it!

April 2015 up to date things are good with me, I still have the foot pain which will never go away because will have the problem with my foot for the rest of my life so all I can do is treat it which I am okay with. I am now doing something that I love very much which in turn is given me the freedom to keep reading, doing my crafts, hobbies as well as pick new one up. Do not worry, I still travel yet to, no new love I’m not even dating anyone, however I still have my love for India and everything East meets west. Over the next few weeks you will see new blog post even post from my other blog. I have decided to start few sections in this blog which are knitting, crocheting, spinning, book review, my podcast, however I will try to keep my yarn stuff to my podcast blog. Duly let me know if you like these new sections.
I’m so happy to be back with all of you!


Happy Saint Valentines day everyone!!!!!!!!

  Happy Saint Valentines day everyone!!!!!!!!

I wish all of you love to today! I want to let me all my readers and followers know that I’m taking time out to show you how much I care , love all of you after all that is what today is about to show to show the ones that you  love how much LOVE THEM!  Me I feel you do not need one day our of the year to show people in your life how much you love and care about them you should be doing that every day of the week and year that just how I feel, this day has turned into nothing more then commercial holiday for flower, candy, jewelry stores who jack the pries of items up because they know most woman will want one or all of those items on the list, or even that the men will feel pressure to get them such items to show how much they love you. How sad is that because come tomorrow all those items will be 50%  or more off that is when I go get some of those items hahahah! Okay on more serious note I want to let all over you know that I’m thinking about you today I wanted to share these rose with you and glass of wine hope you enjoy! Remember the point is show the people in your life every day how much you care and love them it really is the little things that count maybe lave them little posted note saying Hi How areyou? I love you! or text them that as well, even do little something as well trust me that goes along way! I hope that you had great day.

Book Review of “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

   A few weeks ago I got done reading “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” By Belle de Jour, Anonymous, I’m sure you are wondering what took me so long to post this review well simply I was trying to find the words and the want to do this post as I well just did not care for this book!

This book is base off this fictional [I’m assuming it is fictional person or at least the name of the person is]person it’s all enteries from her blog that she has where she talks about what it’s like to be Call Girl, how she got started doing this line of work why she keeps working as call girl. She states how she friends with all of her ex’s and close with them I thing that something hard to believe,how they the ex’s all knew what she did for living and seemed to find with it, this all take place in England. It started off great but after the first page it all went down hill from their I fount it had no plot nor story to it and rather boring. I would not recmond this book to no body I sure hope that the TV show that they made out of this book was better, I will tell you don’t look showtime for this show because I write this blog it’s no longer on the air!

I can from reading this book understand why it’s no long on the air! I’m sure you are wondering why I bought this book in the first place? Well the reason is because I like all kind of books the title as first got me and so did the little intro to the book well was I fooled as I started to read this book, this is book that I will most likely not keep and put in my bookshelf I more then likely see it for cheap.

New page starting Small business I love & are my fav

                               Small business!!!

As most you my readers might know I’m huge supporter of small businesses I find them to be the core or back bone of this country if not for them most place would not survive or even be around today. I know that it kind of sound out of  date but I find that small business are great because you get chance to know the person[s] that owns the business chances are they even live in your neighborhood or town, you also get to know the employees that work their as well who might also live near you as well plus they get to know you as customer what you like and do not like, in fact as time goes on they will be able to point things out you might like or tell you to stay away from things that you might not like or offer you something new to try.

Most of the small business that I’m going to be blogging about do have websites where you can order from if you do not happen to live near by, or that small business happen to be online store only, I will post their links in page that I’m going to create here today due check them out let me know what you think! As I stated some small bushiness are online only due to the fact that well it’s more cost effective in today economy but that dose not mean they don’t take the time to get to know you as person or customer at all, in fact some of these owners might happen to live in your area you might know them personally or know of them. I have learned that most small business have right what you are looking for and if they do not some will order it in for you or if they get enough people asking for certain item they will start to get that item in stock for their customers, these are also the business that support you local school and sports teams as well if not for them sometimes these places would not get the items they needs or would not be able to put events on that they want to.

I will be asking the owners of these small business if it’s okay that I post blog about their business before I just put it on my blog, I don’t want to step on no bodies toes do something that I don’t have an okay to do so. If I go get told that it is okay I will be posting breif history of this company how it go started how long it’s been in business, maybe even some pic of their products etc if I get they okay.


I know that I’m have not been keeping up with my whole blogging everyday reason for that is because I don’t really have anything interesting worth blogging about right now as I’m not with injured foot, I have not been able to work in 3 months, so this injured foot has been keeping me at home going no where!

All I have been doing is sitting at home getting Facebook, playing games on facebook, as well as playing games over at , reading which I will be blogging about those books giving my review of them, watching lots of movies on if would like I can give review of my movies that I have watched if you are interested please let me know. I have been working off and on on sweater that I’ve been crocheting nothing much their to post about. If their is something that you would like me to post about please email me and let me know.

Classy lady needs to come back

In today’s society we are missing lots of things one happens to be good strong classy lady! Us women over the years have come accustom to acting and dressing as something other the respected women which I happen to find shame! I happen to like leaving something to the imagination of men! Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying cover yourself up or anything like that I’m just saying we need to set positive example for the younger generation, it seems that some women have just decided that acting like hoe is good example well it’s not!!!! I will show you some photos of very classy women past and present who know and know how to act like lady, I’m sure your sitting their saying but wait Nicole you say your all east meets west,vintage  type of person well I am however it’s all about how you act as well as dress that make you classy! I’m sure you are wondering who I find classy and what is the definition of classy lady so here goes.

What is the definition of classy lady might you ask?
Well after doing some research I have found the answers for you, yes their is more then one answer for this question so her goes:

A classy woman is self confident. She stands for her principals without being brash.
A classy woman errs on the size of dressing conservatively. Her clothing (whatever the price point) are clean, well kept, and become her. She is neither a clothes horse, nor a vamp.
A classy woman is deeply involved in with the growth and support of her community and family. She is “others minded” and “open hearted.”
A classy woman pays heed to the manners and traditions she was raised with.
A classy woman values education.
A classy woman is not arm ( or sheet) candy.
A classy woman takes care of her body. She is not high maintains but does find that a body requires a good deal of work to maintain.
You are a classic woman who appreciates good quality and timeless fashion. You are usually withdrawn and have a kind nature to you…

 Audry Hepburn was classy lady she knew how to conduct herself as well as dress she could show enough to leave man guessing!

 Audry Hepburn was classy lady she knew how to conduct herself as well as dress she could show enough to leave man guessing!
Today society is perfectly fine to go out in pj’s anywhere heck if you go to WalMart you see it all the time sometimes women even show up with their house shoes on too, to me that is just plain lazy, sloppy looking. I can understand if you are at home and want to wear your pj’s all day that is find but please put something else on! You go put your yoga pants on with nice t-shirt or something or even valor pants with nice t-shirt, but please don’t show up in your pj’s with holey shirt and house shoes you look so sloppy! Don’t even get me started on clothing with holes in the I find them nasty looking on both men and women it looks as if you don’t have money and need clothes, dress showing privates well that is just not cool either and put some underwear on as well we don’t need to see what you don’t have on!!

 She may have had more husbands then we can count but she was classy!

 She may have had more husbands then we can count but she was classy!

Some people get confused on how be lady today most part comes from your home life we learn from our patents well if you have parents that goes round acting nasty well that is how the child will probably be, as from what we see on TV too it shows us that woman can just act like loose goose it’s perfectly fine well it’s not at all no wonder we have the problems we do right now. These  woman of the past they knew how to be respected woman, dress like one, as well as be one! They knew that you drees certain way that is how you are perceived! They knew how to show famine in the way they dress and conducted themselves we can take cue from them in fact some woman today which I’m so glad for.

 she know only respects herself but other as well that is key to classiness! toady’s classy she knows how to dress down make it look good knows how to have fun as well!

Mrs.Oprah Winfrey this woman over the years has taught us tons of lessons which we should learn from on is respect yourself and everyone round you! she taught us no matter our size is how we carry ourselves that makes us look good as well as feel good too! She also told us we don’t need nor should we air our dirty laundry our to the world because it dose not make woman look good! Health is another key to this she taught us to be healthy to feel good.

like her or not this first lady know how to lady!

Set politics aside this woman knows how to act and it’s not fake!! She know she is classy she shows us that we can be out have blast but not be unlady like, she also put her family first which is huge plus and she stand strong next to her husband as well as shows her daughters how to be ladies as well! She even makes wearing Bright color nail polish look good with her clothing too! She is famine yet modern as well!

All these woman have lot in common they are strong, respect themselves, respect other people,treat other they way they want to be treated don’t air their dirty laundry out on social media they deal with it in private which people today should take cue from we don’t need to air out dirty laundry out for everyone to see! They also know how to treat a man, to dress and leave something to the mans imagination to keep them guessing. Woman should take cue from these woman change how to conduct ourselves in this world because toady’s men want classy lady again not nasty one even men of my generation tell me I want lady not just arm candy or nasty woman but real lady!
I for one am all for this change today we need to step back and learn form history so to speak to learn how to be true real lady.

Lip Scrub I made


It’s winter here in PA and most of you know that what means besides snow, it’s time for those dry, cracked,peeling sore lips! I’ve tried tons of over the counter lip balm you can get at Wal*Mart and such places, when you get them they seem to start to work but then after little while they just stop! Ever wonder why that is? I know why it’s because they are filled with chemicals that don’t work they keep our lip from not healing to be depended on them, I’ve learned this past year that chemical free stuff works wonders for us and our bodies! Okay I know enough preaching get to the point all ready!

Their are few things that I totally love one is sugar scrubs! This begin said I decided tonight that I would make my own lip scrub to help my lips out in addition to great Lip Bliss that I use from it’s amazing stuff it help my lips out amazing it’s natural you know what you are putting on your lips! however that ‘s another blog! Onto my lip scrub you may wonder where do I get the products well they can be found right in your home! The photo over here on the left is my lip scrub that I just made and applied to my lips, don’t worry if some gets in your mouth while applying because it’s made from sugar,olive oil,glycerin mixed it together rubbed it on my lips for few minutes nothing hard but just enough though.You can store this in any container that you have round the house just make sure that it’s clean and you have lid that you can place on it, that is if you want to.

Here are my lips before I place the scrub on them
they are dry,peeling,cracking thanks winterLOL

Here are my lips after the scrub they feel much softer and lot better, now right after I did this I place some Lip Bliss on it the scrub helps take off the dead skin on my lips and helps with keeping the new skin soft and moist!

Next I plan to make my own lotion and custom lip balm as well

Ocean City NJ




As I’m still talking about my summer travels, we are now going to talk bout my trip to Ocean City NJ! I’m so excited about this trip and I’m excited to share it with all of you as it was one of the favorite places I went this summer as I never was to Ocean City before.  I actually went with one of my friends and her two kids, the drive up their went by quick and I just loved looking at the houses as you can into the city it was amazing,only down side to the trip was my allergies were so bad but once we hit the city where I could start to see the ocean and smell that sea salt my sinus started to open up and my allergy attack left me and I was ablee to really enjoy myself and we didn’t even hit the beach or parking area yet! We were able to park close by and walk to the board walk, to get onto the beach you had to pay 5.00 but it’s worth it as the beach is kept clean and very family friendly!

It was so nice to be able to walk right onto the beach take my flip flops off and walk on nice soft sand and even clean sand. It was packed but not so much so that you could not walk for find spot, I will even say people were friendly as well, we did find spot set out things down go the kids ready too and off we went.

View of the sane and my leg LOL



The day we were their it was over cast but that didn’t stop me from getting sun burn silly me forgot my suntan lotion so it was my own fault I didn’t think begin over cast that I would even burn yea now I know better!!!! This day we went it was over cast due to the fact out in the Atlantic Ocean there was tropical storm, it was also making the waves high along with giving tons of white caps, and yes folks I ended up getting some mouths full of sea water! I’m still alive thought!!!!! As the day went on it started to get nice out and even hotter, to those that say their is nothing to do on the board walk I say different yes there are shop but also things to as well and tons of places to eat too. I will say for wls person it’s hard but you have other things to take your mind off of it. I do hope you enjoy the photos so here goes.

What great view! Little did I know begin over cast that I’d sun burn!

This is just view of the ocean, once you see it you can understand why we love our freedom!

Yes you can go on some rides while you are here and play some mini golf as well.

This is another view of the board walk from the beach



You can see some of the shops in this view
you can also see in this photo families have fun and relaxing and how over cast that it was and some of the white caps

This is view of the left side of the beach people having fun in the ocean, I didn’t want to get to close as I was afraid to somehow drop my phone in the water and if you know me thats not hard for me to do.



The water was starting to get little rough as the tides we getting bigger but what an amazing sky and ocean.

This is the right side of the beach view it’s just I’m further down on the beach to get better shots






Look I left my foot print haha and found some sea weed too

White caps anyone!






Wonder what’s coming out of their hahaha



















You can even go para sailing here too







Look it’s NJ finest lifeguard! Baywatch you better watch out these guys are coming to take your spot!

When lunch time came round we decided on this pizza place to eat, I was amazed at how huge the pizza’s were they are like the size of tire or something, as you can see here in this photo I ordered slice just one and look how huge it is and fruit punch to drink, no the fries are not mine! I was bad that day I spoiled myself with fruit punch and pizza!



Looking down the boardwalk



Looking up the boardwalk now as you can see the sun came out!



Looking at the beach from the boardwalk


I saw this and thought great photo opt to take reminded me of something out magazine or something.










Another great photo opt here I could not resist






Me with my Sunglasses from the AC trip and you can see my sunburn and checkout me new sundress I had to get cause it was soft and didn’t rub my sunburn I did get some great gifts for some special people


This made for great shot as well






















As you can see in these two photos just how red that I got! I must say I had such great time and I CAN’T wait to go back next year for some more fun minus the sunburn.

New Hobby of mine Geocaching

I’ve taken up new hobby called Geo-caching I’m sure your wondering what I’m talking about and some of you might know what I’m taking about but just in case I will tell you what Geo-caching is all about along with what it means.

Geo-caching is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache in the world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology and then share the geocache’s existence and location online. Anyone with a GPS unit can then try to locate the geocache.
All in all what it dose is it get you out of the house, moving trying something new that you might not have ever try, I find it very addicting it’s gotten me out to local places I’ve talked about going to but never did and to try some new things. I’ve since have went hiking and walking over 4 miles at local state park, for me the rush is finding the caches and see what’s in them and if able to leave something it’s modern day treasure hunting. I found out about this from aquatint I’ve been hooked on it since then, it’s the best thing it’s been helping me lost weight get fit and feel great I’ve even meet lot of interesting people, sometimes I do get strange looks from people as to what I’m doing until I explain to them what I’m doing then sometimes they are like cool and some tell me it’s plain dumb I just reply to them by we all have hobbies. On my days off is when I usually going caching unless the weather is not on my side then I don’t go. For GPS I bought the app in iTunes store it was not free I did have to pay for it, but it’s paid for it’s self and the works off the GPS on my iPhone it dose use battery a lot so I’m thinking of getting hand held GPS so that I don’t use all the battery life in my iPhone. I would tell anyone to go out and just try it! Some of the caches are right in plain sight and you would never know unless you were out looking for one. Do check out the website: 

Sari 1/2 head band (1/2 ball head band)

I’m sure just by the title some of you are wondering what I’m talking about or you like hey wait she don’t even know how to spell sorry! Well yes I did spell it right so to speak. I have knitted this great new head band okay it’s not so new I have had it for while but I but it through the test before I even blogged or wanted to blog about it, just to see how it would hold up! I used yarn from I love love this yarn it’s so much fun to work with and use as well as all the ideas you get to make projects, plus I’m also helping women in third world country make money for their family’s, they are able to help feed and cloth them, as well as they have independence as well!

I have washed this headband by hand and also in the washer and it holds up great! So if you were wondering how it hold up after few washings now you know how ever I do have to say this headband dose stretch as you use it so when you wash it is shrinks back down to normal and will starch back out again, that is one reason why I love this yarn! I will say that these would make great gifts for people as well!

will say I just love how the color changes with out me having to change it! this color is called grab bag I just love how it constantly changes, in case you can’t tell I have thing for colors I love them I’m very big east meet west person and this yarn just suits me to T! I just had to share this with everyone to let you know how this went and it only took me 1/2 ball to make it, I’m new to knitting I’ve only been doing it year and this patter was super east to read and to make as well.