Happy New years and my list!

Well this is my first post of the new year! YAY me! I hope that everyone has had great holiday and has happy new year, speaking of new years this is the time of year where people come up with resolutions on how they are going to change this year weather is be lose weight to find new house and end the end we don’t keep half of our resolutions we start!

I decided this year that instead of making resolution I would make list a practical one at least that I would like to do this year I will take them one by one they don’t have to be done in order or anything just so long as I get them do or at least try them out one time to see if I LIKE it or not. Once you write it down it’s out their for everyone to see and even ask you about. Here goes mine:

have two jars one I put all my worries in everyday and the other all my good things that happened to me that day and when 31Dec comes around open it up and read all the good things and as for the bad ones well let the universe take care of those

I want to at least once learn how to make custom scented lotions and lip balm that is so to speak natural free from all the chemicals the store brands sell

Keep going with my weight loss of course

Travel more
Learn to cook Indian street food but tweak it to make it healthy same with Indian cooking

Get rid of my old clothes that are toooo big on me say good bye to the old me!

Take more chances this year!

I would like to also make my own tea at well even if it’s herbal

Read more!

Try new thing I have not tired yet!

I told you it was not long list but one that has my interests at heart! If I shall find something else that I want to do this year I will add it to my list as well and share it with all of you!
I find that makes list and one that is with in reason, that one can reach is positive one, as I cross each on of these off I will blog about them as well so that you can see what I have done this year with them. Hope this find you well!


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