My summer project and decor


As most of you know I have summer project and that is to remodel my bedroom, no it’s not what some of you think it’s not major project I’m just going to paint over the paneling and change the decor in my room to something that really suits me and it’s all me! I’m sure you are like how are you painting over the paneling well I’m using caulking to fill in the lines then I will sand it down prime it and put few coats of paint on the wall, I know what color are you going to paint you room, well it’s hard to explain the color,well for starts since it’s in my bedroom I wanted something that was going to be relaxing, peaceful, up beat, fun, but also me and good looking. I chose this pretty green color I know you are thinking but Green it’s not pretty well this color that I have pick out is. I WILL show photos of it when I’m done to show you how well it looks.

As for the decor you are wondering what that is going to be well if you know me then you all ready know but for those that don’t I will share with you. I love the whole east meets west theme, so that is how I will be decorating it. I saw this photo and I had to use it as an example because it’s so pretty and goes with my east meets west theme. I will tell you this is some project it gives me sense of something different it’s renewing me some how I don’t now why but it is. I will keep you up dated as it comes along


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