I’m thinking of giving up meat and becoming vegetarian

This is something that I have been thinking about for while  now so it’s not just something out of the blue for me. I’m thinking about giving up eating meat! More after seeing the movie Food Inc. it’s real eye opener, I’m not huge fan of documentary  but this one was good one to see a must see. So ear go I’m starting to think about giving  meat up  I’m going to try it for two weeks to see how I like it. As many of you know I had WLS done and protein is super important in my heath so I will have to figure out how I’m going to get the protein that I so need. I  will be blogging about this as well so keep your eyes out for this. I know that my dad is not going to like this he will start calling me tree hugger or somethig like that but oh well he will get over it’s I’m not little kid any more and it’s my life I can do what I so chose to do right? My nana it will not bother her as she is not huge meat eatter after growing up on farm she knows how it goes so she dose not care to eat meat as well so I’m thinking she might try this with me as welll you never really know do ya.


One thought on “I’m thinking of giving up meat and becoming vegetarian

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