What view


Originally uploaded by nicki18229

Most people when I tell them that I live right next to the woods, they say you are lieing you don’t live out in the country! Well I may live in town but I’m right next to the woods none the less in fact I can even take walk and I’m in wooded area and it’s so pretty, quite,cool full of life in it’s own natural way! No this photo was not taken at my house this was at friends house she lives on top of one of our main streets but the view is breath taking I had to share this with you, I will have photos form my house! I will say this is one of the perks of living in small town sometime is view like this one! It’s also reminds us that we are not the only ones that live here we also have wild life who live among us and we should let them be. Right now this is how it looks during the summer/spring here. I took these photos while I was taking walk I just had to share this with everyone it’s quite something that it’s right here and we don’t have to go far to see beauty at all, it’s also so peacful as well it in strange sense renews you some how I’m not quite show how but it dose.


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