For The Love Of Soap Soapothecary!


Penelope started Soapothecary in March of 2000 making hand made soaps, lotions, face, as well as body products which has been going strong since I have been long time customer of hers for long time now I use all of her products, I don’t have to worry what I’m putting on my body because I know. Her products are latex free vegan friendly and she uses organic oils too so I  know that I’m not putting chemicals on me that are going to harm me or my body which makes me feel good. As of February 9,2013 Soapothecary is now stickily online how ever in Jim Thorpe PA if you go into the 5&10 store you will be able to Soapothecary’s hand made soaps only for the rest of the products you will have to visit them online at .

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Small Business

As promised I’m going to talk about some of the small business that I happen to like and love some of them are local others either internet based or located in different towns or city’s. I would love to see boom again in small business America I feel that small business is the back bone of this country it’s where everything got it start from J.P Morgan all the way to Super Wal*Mart, yet somehow long the way to these chance stores we some how have lost the small business which is such sad thing this because without them we really would not survive at all. I would love to be able go into small or on website for small business and buy just about everything that I need or want, don’t get me wrong I’m not downing big chain store they are great for things that I need and want as well however they just seem to lack a lot of things that your small business has for example getting to know the employees in the and them getting to know you and what you like and don’t like what you need or want, getting to know the owner for the store who might happen to live right in your neighborhood! Getting that great customer service in small business, as well as find that hard to find item that big chain stores simply do not carry or even finding that rare item as well.

I understand that we all have be consumed by the malls I have been to, that is why it got me thinking after driving around for almost 15minutes looking for parking spot at the mall would it not be easier to buy from the small business I would not have to drive around for 15 minutes or longer looking for parking spot, fighting the packed malls just to get to one or two stores that I want to go into only to find out that they no longer carry that item or they are out of stock  which you  need to order it online. I’m not trying to down the malls of America either with their one stop retail shopping it’s nice to have it all located in one place however the down side is that it’s so crowed, they don’t always have what you need or want! I have found that it’s nice to but from the small business I don’t mind paying to park in car in parking garage  for an hour or two or pay some place to park my car at one set price for few hours  I know it will be safe, or even parking downtown and walking around downtown looking at the shops! I have found that this is very relaxing and enjoying experience to me I don’t feel rushed I end up finding some pretty interesting shops along the way as well as some great local eat, running into people that I know and have not seen in while, I might even get to take in some site which I would not normal see in mall plus I find it more family friendly as well. I know that shopping small business is not for everyone as some people only brand name pay lot for them and only shop in brand name shops, well I have news for you your small business sometimes carries those items as well all you have to is look and even asking.

My Nana still tells me stories of how many small business where you could go in once place buy your clothing items walk down the street go into your local meat market another store would have your shoes, jewelry, pharmacy etc.! I’m always amazed when she tells me about all of this I just answer her with I be that was exciting to walk down the street or down town begin able to get what you need or driving to another town to get what you need, she just tells me yes it was in fact I liked it better that way because you got treated better sales people knew you what you liked and what not! I know that we are not longer living in grandparents and great grandparents times however maybe we should take cue from them learn something that buying from the small business is good thing it keeps your fellow neighbors in work and community going and well with today having the internet it keeps lot of other people in work too. One might ask how dose buying off small business viva internet have the same experience well the owner or employee might ask how you experience  was could the make buying from them better? Or how you liked what they carry they try to get to know you as person. I challenge you reader to try small business out for 30days see how you like it!
I will be posting blogs of the small business that I happen to like and love telling you why they are amazing giving you the links or address to check them out!