know it has been over year since we last talked!!!

Hello everyone!!!! I know that it had been a long time since I last chatted with all of you, There is good reason for this however, some of you might not find it as good reason, but it’s the truth so here goes huge update I will try not to ramble too badly..

Lets start in November of 2013 I found out that I had problem with my left foot I woke up one morning with the side of my foot begin sore, it just got worse from there it took many, many test to find out what was really wrong with it which put me out on Medical leave from work. <span Because of this I was not able to travel let alone drive so I lost my blogging mojo so to speak the only thing I had to blog about was my foot & my crafts I was not sure how any of you would have liked to hear about those two topics.
Fast foward to April 2014 I was still have problem with my foot however we finally knew what was wrong with it! This turned into double edge sword because I tried so many treatments for it with no relif. Their was an option we had left & that was PRP [platelet rich plasma therapy] which did not fully work I still have pain not as bad as it was in 2013 but I still have.

May 2014 then end of May I lost my job 9yrs because I was out on medical leave to long so that put my mood down even futher my job issues I later found out I could have fought that however that is topice for another time. During those 5/6 month I did not really have much to talk about expect for my crafts, which during those month I got into heavily I am sure you reading this wanting to know what those crafts are. I dived into crocheting, knitting, spinning fiber into yarn as well as I started knitting & crochet podcast. Again, I was not sure how much you would want to read about all of that on this blogl Reading books also because big with me as well on my other blog I have done book reviews if any of you are interested I can put those reviews here just let me know.

Even thought the treatment did not fully work I have good and bad day but I have learned what I can and cannot not do. I was able in early May to start driving again so I was able to start traveling again, which I did, however my mojo for blogging did not come back so I took the rest of 2014 off to decide whether I wanted to come back to it or not.
I did after much thought decide to come back to it, I miss writing even if I am not very good at it!

April 2015 up to date things are good with me, I still have the foot pain which will never go away because will have the problem with my foot for the rest of my life so all I can do is treat it which I am okay with. I am now doing something that I love very much which in turn is given me the freedom to keep reading, doing my crafts, hobbies as well as pick new one up. Do not worry, I still travel yet to, no new love I’m not even dating anyone, however I still have my love for India and everything East meets west. Over the next few weeks you will see new blog post even post from my other blog. I have decided to start few sections in this blog which are knitting, crocheting, spinning, book review, my podcast, however I will try to keep my yarn stuff to my podcast blog. Duly let me know if you like these new sections.
I’m so happy to be back with all of you!


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