For The Love Of Soap Soapothecary!


Penelope started Soapothecary in March of 2000 making hand made soaps, lotions, face, as well as body products which has been going strong since I have been long time customer of hers for long time now I use all of her products, I don’t have to worry what I’m putting on my body because I know. Her products are latex free vegan friendly and she uses organic oils too so I  know that I’m not putting chemicals on me that are going to harm me or my body which makes me feel good. As of February 9,2013 Soapothecary is now stickily online how ever in Jim Thorpe PA if you go into the 5&10 store you will be able to Soapothecary’s hand made soaps only for the rest of the products you will have to visit them online at .

This just happen to love this store you get great customer service and they take the time to answer your questions as well as get to know you even suggest products they never push anything on you which I just love. You can find Soapothecary on Facebook as well due go check them out! What Penelope dose with soap is amazing I’ve see soap look like cupcakes as well cake make out of soap both smelled so good you just wanted to eat them, however I would advise not do plus added bonus is that you can have as many slices of that cake and never put pound on. I’m sure you the reader would like to see some photos of these products well wait no longer I will share some photos with you. I have added the links here for my Soapothecary videos it’s in two parts I  do hope that you enjoy them! and
These photos do not do the products justice if I had smell O Blog [LOL] You could smell how good they are. If you are worried about your fur babies licking your hands after you put lotion on no worries it dose not harm them one bit my fur babies tried to lick me and have not gotten sick from the products because the are natural.

488301_592604204102406_2031938732_n I can’t remember the name of this soap I think it was called fruity something I know it reminds of fruit loops however it didn’t smell nothing like the cereal it smelled amazing better then the cereal  I just loved the colors how she mixed them in the bar is so pretty I hated to use it but you have to wash! [ I didn’t take this photo I barrowed it from Soapothecary’s Facebook page I own no rights to it! ]

1353360122173-948316753Shea Butter lotion is amazing I use this everyday little bit goes along way
photo 2 Lip Bliss anyone I love this chap stick my lips feel ahhhmazing after I use this and smooth too
photo 3I’m running out of it but this is the Hand & Hoof Slave she makes it goes long way great for chap hand and feet and on really dry skin.

photo 4sugar Scrub any one? This one happens to smell like chocolate

photo(1)This is my lotion bar that smell like Sandalwood if you love the smell of Sandalwood you would love this I took it out of my crochet/knitting bag took pic to show all of you.

545403_452570531439108_1375386505_n[Photo barrowed from Soapothecary’s Facebook page I own not right to it]For the Love of cake! That is soap cake yall don’t it just look good enough to eat!

550583_452568011439360_1420486534_ncupcake anyone? Soap Cupcake that is [Photo from Soapothecary Facebook page I take no credit for it I only borrowed it I OWN no rights]

Those are just some of the great products that Soapothecary has due go check out the website you will love it just as much as I do! I hope that you check the site out order some goodness leave you comments below let me know what you think!

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