Happy Saint Valentines day everyone!!!!!!!!

  Happy Saint Valentines day everyone!!!!!!!!

I wish all of you love to today! I want to let me all my readers and followers know that I’m taking time out to show you how much I care , love all of you after all that is what today is about to show to show the ones that you  love how much LOVE THEM!  Me I feel you do not need one day our of the year to show people in your life how much you love and care about them you should be doing that every day of the week and year that just how I feel, this day has turned into nothing more then commercial holiday for flower, candy, jewelry stores who jack the pries of items up because they know most woman will want one or all of those items on the list, or even that the men will feel pressure to get them such items to show how much they love you. How sad is that because come tomorrow all those items will be 50%  or more off that is when I go get some of those items hahahah! Okay on more serious note I want to let all over you know that I’m thinking about you today I wanted to share these rose with you and glass of wine hope you enjoy! Remember the point is show the people in your life every day how much you care and love them it really is the little things that count maybe lave them little posted note saying Hi How areyou? I love you! or text them that as well, even do little something as well trust me that goes along way! I hope that you had great day.


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