“The Yoga Teacher” Book Review

                                                  “The Yoga Teach” Book Review

 The Yoga Teacher

I recently read this book “The Yoga Teacher” by: Alexandra Gray I have never read book by this author I will say this book was quite good however some people will disagree with me. Each chapter starts off with yoga pose,also give description on the mean of the post as well as how to do them! I will share with you summary of this book viva goodreads.com

“Dissatisfied with her job as a pharmaceutical rep and struggling with the decline of her long-term relationship, Grace, a well-heeled Londoner, uses yoga class to unwind, reflect, and momentarily transcend her earthly dilemmas. While pitching her company’s latest antidepressant to the disarming Dr. James, she is inspired by his plan to study Eastern medicine in Vietnam and decides to quit her job to become a yoga teacher.

After studying at the eccentric White Lotus Foundation in California, Grace returns to London, ready for her new life.  But nothing could have prepared her for the motley crew of students she amasses–from the octogenarian industrialist desperate for distraction, the supermodel who indulges yogic aspirations when she tires of kabbalah, to the American film star who uses yoga classes to conceal a scandalous affair. Overwhelmed, Grace soon finds herself relying on her bi-continental correspondence with Dr. James for solace and inspiration, his words hovering above her London life like a sweet promise.

With an eye for the absurdity in every encounter, Alexandra Gray gently skewers our society’s preference for a quick-fix nirvana in this chronicle of one woman’s quest for love and meaning in a world numbed by materialism and psychotropic drugs”

This books build up the climax if you will starts off kind of slow I was kind of board with the first chapter of the book but I kept reading hoping that it would get better and I was right it did, I feel this book shows us that if have dream or want to change thing in our lives we can do so. We can also change our own density if we chose to do so as well is what I got form this book at well, it’s strange how book can sometimes open or rather reopen your eyes so to speak about life. I would differently tell people to give this book try, I’m sure that at some point we can relate to the characters   in this book.

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