Book Review of “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

   A few weeks ago I got done reading “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” By Belle de Jour, Anonymous, I’m sure you are wondering what took me so long to post this review well simply I was trying to find the words and the want to do this post as I well just did not care for this book!

This book is base off this fictional [I’m assuming it is fictional person or at least the name of the person is]person it’s all enteries from her blog that she has where she talks about what it’s like to be Call Girl, how she got started doing this line of work why she keeps working as call girl. She states how she friends with all of her ex’s and close with them I thing that something hard to believe,how they the ex’s all knew what she did for living and seemed to find with it, this all take place in England. It started off great but after the first page it all went down hill from their I fount it had no plot nor story to it and rather boring. I would not recmond this book to no body I sure hope that the TV show that they made out of this book was better, I will tell you don’t look showtime for this show because I write this blog it’s no longer on the air!

I can from reading this book understand why it’s no long on the air! I’m sure you are wondering why I bought this book in the first place? Well the reason is because I like all kind of books the title as first got me and so did the little intro to the book well was I fooled as I started to read this book, this is book that I will most likely not keep and put in my bookshelf I more then likely see it for cheap.


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