New page starting Small business I love & are my fav

                               Small business!!!

As most you my readers might know I’m huge supporter of small businesses I find them to be the core or back bone of this country if not for them most place would not survive or even be around today. I know that it kind of sound out of  date but I find that small business are great because you get chance to know the person[s] that owns the business chances are they even live in your neighborhood or town, you also get to know the employees that work their as well who might also live near you as well plus they get to know you as customer what you like and do not like, in fact as time goes on they will be able to point things out you might like or tell you to stay away from things that you might not like or offer you something new to try.

Most of the small business that I’m going to be blogging about do have websites where you can order from if you do not happen to live near by, or that small business happen to be online store only, I will post their links in page that I’m going to create here today due check them out let me know what you think! As I stated some small bushiness are online only due to the fact that well it’s more cost effective in today economy but that dose not mean they don’t take the time to get to know you as person or customer at all, in fact some of these owners might happen to live in your area you might know them personally or know of them. I have learned that most small business have right what you are looking for and if they do not some will order it in for you or if they get enough people asking for certain item they will start to get that item in stock for their customers, these are also the business that support you local school and sports teams as well if not for them sometimes these places would not get the items they needs or would not be able to put events on that they want to.

I will be asking the owners of these small business if it’s okay that I post blog about their business before I just put it on my blog, I don’t want to step on no bodies toes do something that I don’t have an okay to do so. If I go get told that it is okay I will be posting breif history of this company how it go started how long it’s been in business, maybe even some pic of their products etc if I get they okay.


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