Classy lady needs to come back

In today’s society we are missing lots of things one happens to be good strong classy lady! Us women over the years have come accustom to acting and dressing as something other the respected women which I happen to find shame! I happen to like leaving something to the imagination of men! Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying cover yourself up or anything like that I’m just saying we need to set positive example for the younger generation, it seems that some women have just decided that acting like hoe is good example well it’s not!!!! I will show you some photos of very classy women past and present who know and know how to act like lady, I’m sure your sitting their saying but wait Nicole you say your all east meets west,vintage  type of person well I am however it’s all about how you act as well as dress that make you classy! I’m sure you are wondering who I find classy and what is the definition of classy lady so here goes.

What is the definition of classy lady might you ask?
Well after doing some research I have found the answers for you, yes their is more then one answer for this question so her goes:

A classy woman is self confident. She stands for her principals without being brash.
A classy woman errs on the size of dressing conservatively. Her clothing (whatever the price point) are clean, well kept, and become her. She is neither a clothes horse, nor a vamp.
A classy woman is deeply involved in with the growth and support of her community and family. She is “others minded” and “open hearted.”
A classy woman pays heed to the manners and traditions she was raised with.
A classy woman values education.
A classy woman is not arm ( or sheet) candy.
A classy woman takes care of her body. She is not high maintains but does find that a body requires a good deal of work to maintain.
You are a classic woman who appreciates good quality and timeless fashion. You are usually withdrawn and have a kind nature to you…

 Audry Hepburn was classy lady she knew how to conduct herself as well as dress she could show enough to leave man guessing!

 Audry Hepburn was classy lady she knew how to conduct herself as well as dress she could show enough to leave man guessing!
Today society is perfectly fine to go out in pj’s anywhere heck if you go to WalMart you see it all the time sometimes women even show up with their house shoes on too, to me that is just plain lazy, sloppy looking. I can understand if you are at home and want to wear your pj’s all day that is find but please put something else on! You go put your yoga pants on with nice t-shirt or something or even valor pants with nice t-shirt, but please don’t show up in your pj’s with holey shirt and house shoes you look so sloppy! Don’t even get me started on clothing with holes in the I find them nasty looking on both men and women it looks as if you don’t have money and need clothes, dress showing privates well that is just not cool either and put some underwear on as well we don’t need to see what you don’t have on!!

 She may have had more husbands then we can count but she was classy!

 She may have had more husbands then we can count but she was classy!

Some people get confused on how be lady today most part comes from your home life we learn from our patents well if you have parents that goes round acting nasty well that is how the child will probably be, as from what we see on TV too it shows us that woman can just act like loose goose it’s perfectly fine well it’s not at all no wonder we have the problems we do right now. These  woman of the past they knew how to be respected woman, dress like one, as well as be one! They knew that you drees certain way that is how you are perceived! They knew how to show famine in the way they dress and conducted themselves we can take cue from them in fact some woman today which I’m so glad for.

 she know only respects herself but other as well that is key to classiness! toady’s classy she knows how to dress down make it look good knows how to have fun as well!

Mrs.Oprah Winfrey this woman over the years has taught us tons of lessons which we should learn from on is respect yourself and everyone round you! she taught us no matter our size is how we carry ourselves that makes us look good as well as feel good too! She also told us we don’t need nor should we air our dirty laundry our to the world because it dose not make woman look good! Health is another key to this she taught us to be healthy to feel good.

like her or not this first lady know how to lady!

Set politics aside this woman knows how to act and it’s not fake!! She know she is classy she shows us that we can be out have blast but not be unlady like, she also put her family first which is huge plus and she stand strong next to her husband as well as shows her daughters how to be ladies as well! She even makes wearing Bright color nail polish look good with her clothing too! She is famine yet modern as well!

All these woman have lot in common they are strong, respect themselves, respect other people,treat other they way they want to be treated don’t air their dirty laundry out on social media they deal with it in private which people today should take cue from we don’t need to air out dirty laundry out for everyone to see! They also know how to treat a man, to dress and leave something to the mans imagination to keep them guessing. Woman should take cue from these woman change how to conduct ourselves in this world because toady’s men want classy lady again not nasty one even men of my generation tell me I want lady not just arm candy or nasty woman but real lady!
I for one am all for this change today we need to step back and learn form history so to speak to learn how to be true real lady.


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