Ocean City NJ




As I’m still talking about my summer travels, we are now going to talk bout my trip to Ocean City NJ! I’m so excited about this trip and I’m excited to share it with all of you as it was one of the favorite places I went this summer as I never was to Ocean City before.  I actually went with one of my friends and her two kids, the drive up their went by quick and I just loved looking at the houses as you can into the city it was amazing,only down side to the trip was my allergies were so bad but once we hit the city where I could start to see the ocean and smell that sea salt my sinus started to open up and my allergy attack left me and I was ablee to really enjoy myself and we didn’t even hit the beach or parking area yet! We were able to park close by and walk to the board walk, to get onto the beach you had to pay 5.00 but it’s worth it as the beach is kept clean and very family friendly!

It was so nice to be able to walk right onto the beach take my flip flops off and walk on nice soft sand and even clean sand. It was packed but not so much so that you could not walk for find spot, I will even say people were friendly as well, we did find spot set out things down go the kids ready too and off we went.

View of the sane and my leg LOL



The day we were their it was over cast but that didn’t stop me from getting sun burn silly me forgot my suntan lotion so it was my own fault I didn’t think begin over cast that I would even burn yea now I know better!!!! This day we went it was over cast due to the fact out in the Atlantic Ocean there was tropical storm, it was also making the waves high along with giving tons of white caps, and yes folks I ended up getting some mouths full of sea water! I’m still alive thought!!!!! As the day went on it started to get nice out and even hotter, to those that say their is nothing to do on the board walk I say different yes there are shop but also things to as well and tons of places to eat too. I will say for wls person it’s hard but you have other things to take your mind off of it. I do hope you enjoy the photos so here goes.

What great view! Little did I know begin over cast that I’d sun burn!

This is just view of the ocean, once you see it you can understand why we love our freedom!

Yes you can go on some rides while you are here and play some mini golf as well.

This is another view of the board walk from the beach



You can see some of the shops in this view
you can also see in this photo families have fun and relaxing and how over cast that it was and some of the white caps

This is view of the left side of the beach people having fun in the ocean, I didn’t want to get to close as I was afraid to somehow drop my phone in the water and if you know me thats not hard for me to do.



The water was starting to get little rough as the tides we getting bigger but what an amazing sky and ocean.

This is the right side of the beach view it’s just I’m further down on the beach to get better shots






Look I left my foot print haha and found some sea weed too

White caps anyone!






Wonder what’s coming out of their hahaha



















You can even go para sailing here too







Look it’s NJ finest lifeguard! Baywatch you better watch out these guys are coming to take your spot!

When lunch time came round we decided on this pizza place to eat, I was amazed at how huge the pizza’s were they are like the size of tire or something, as you can see here in this photo I ordered slice just one and look how huge it is and fruit punch to drink, no the fries are not mine! I was bad that day I spoiled myself with fruit punch and pizza!



Looking down the boardwalk



Looking up the boardwalk now as you can see the sun came out!



Looking at the beach from the boardwalk


I saw this and thought great photo opt to take reminded me of something out magazine or something.










Another great photo opt here I could not resist






Me with my Sunglasses from the AC trip and you can see my sunburn and checkout me new sundress I had to get cause it was soft and didn’t rub my sunburn I did get some great gifts for some special people


This made for great shot as well






















As you can see in these two photos just how red that I got! I must say I had such great time and I CAN’T wait to go back next year for some more fun minus the sunburn.


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