Took trip to Mauch Chunk Lake Park

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View of the lake
People enjoying the nice day and view of the Lake

This past summer I went to one of my favorite place here in the town that I live in, I love to go to Mauch Chunk Lake park,you have to pay to get into the beach part during beach season and non beach season it’s closed but the price is not bad if you live in Carbon County it’s no more then 3.00 , 5.00 at the most perperson. It’s great family place to go and cheap to, it’s kept super clean as well so you don’t have to worry unlike some places that are not so clean. I do have must items to take along with them and they are my beach bag/tote bag of course in it I have my beach towels, sun tan spray[yes suntan only cause me and sunblock don’t get long short story on that one] extra flip flops, extra  pony holder for my hair,regular towel, bottled water, flavor mix for my water, my ear buds, book [if I’m currently reading one],and of course some snack or I’ll pack picnic lunch, also change of clothing,I take this with me for the day. It’s such nice local get away I spend the day their I just take in the sites, soak up the sun little talk with some people etc you get the point. Well here are some photos of the day that I went, it’s great if friends some along but on this day I had to go alone none the less I had great time hope you enjoy

more of the view and woods
Me after I woke up form soaking inthe sun such bad pic but posted any how
Not only can your boat over to the woods but their’s path to talk over to.
The plan the plan boss!
me soaking up the sun

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