Atlantif City trip

Atlantic City by Denis Tangney Jr

Atlantic City, a photo by Denis Tangney Jr on Flickr

Back in May of this year Nana, her friend, myself and friend of mine went to Atlantic for the day! I had to options to get there take the bus or drive, well that was such in easy choice I took the bus. I know what you thinking why did you do that driving is so much better and fun, well my pretties here is why I did so at that time gas was almost 4.00 gallon and bus ticket was like 27.00 person so the choice was easy for me, don’t get me wrong next time I go I’ll drive. I will share some of the photos I took! We all had great time since none of likes to gamble we did out favorite thing we walked the board walk for one end to the other and back along with looking in every shop the board walk had to offer. I’m sure you are wonder well if gambling in PA is legal well AC much be bare I’m here to tell you that is not the case or if you heard that it’s, not true! We did gambel for little bit because when you go down viva bus you get voucher for the casino the bus goes to and our bus went to the Trump we got 30.00 voucher to gamble so we used ours up I ended up wining grand total of 20.00 or more I cashed that out right quick, we left the casino, got something to eat at one of the many eating places The Trump has to offer what made is nice since it’s not cheap to eat there we all have 5.00 meal voucher so that bough our meal down to cheap! After this we hit the board walk. I’ll share with you the photos now hope you enjoy!

View of the beach
Another view of the beach I didn’t walk down as well my friend and I didn’t feel like it!
Me showing off my .99cent sun glasses I got at the .99 cent store in the boardwalk!

We chose not to walk down to the beach that day as its crowed and I don’t like it that much don’t get me wonrg it’s nice. I took this from the boardwalk, that is where we spent all of our time walking up one end going from shop to shop I will say the boardwalk is not as crowded as it use to be so it makes it nice for walking now. The casions are not as crowded as they use to be but still have nice crowd to them makes it nice that you don’t have to fight over machine or anything.

I just love the paintings can you guess which one I am baahahahah
Maybe that’s me hahah

I did happen to find great pair of sunglasses at the .99 cent shop I just love them. My friend found great pair to, as you can see we sat down  to take rest, I’m sure you wondering why she’s not in the photos well because she don’t want her photo taken and I will not disclose her name for privacy! We even found shop that CChristan Grey would have loved too! We stopped in the Candy shop that took me back to then I was kid it was great to look at the candy and remember no I didn’t but nothing in that shop! I saw these on the boardwalk just had to take pic of them as well I found them quite fun and different something that you don’t see everyday here! I also got quite the show on the boardwalk as always never dull on the boardwalk wither!

This is the last of those I just found them so much

Talk about flash back remember these?
My new sundress I gout on the boardwalk in one of the many shops that I looked in
heading home!

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