Sari 1/2 head band (1/2 ball head band)

I’m sure just by the title some of you are wondering what I’m talking about or you like hey wait she don’t even know how to spell sorry! Well yes I did spell it right so to speak. I have knitted this great new head band okay it’s not so new I have had it for while but I but it through the test before I even blogged or wanted to blog about it, just to see how it would hold up! I used yarn from I love love this yarn it’s so much fun to work with and use as well as all the ideas you get to make projects, plus I’m also helping women in third world country make money for their family’s, they are able to help feed and cloth them, as well as they have independence as well!

I have washed this headband by hand and also in the washer and it holds up great! So if you were wondering how it hold up after few washings now you know how ever I do have to say this headband dose stretch as you use it so when you wash it is shrinks back down to normal and will starch back out again, that is one reason why I love this yarn! I will say that these would make great gifts for people as well!

will say I just love how the color changes with out me having to change it! this color is called grab bag I just love how it constantly changes, in case you can’t tell I have thing for colors I love them I’m very big east meet west person and this yarn just suits me to T! I just had to share this with everyone to let you know how this went and it only took me 1/2 ball to make it, I’m new to knitting I’ve only been doing it year and this patter was super east to read and to make as well.


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