“Northern Lights”By Nora Roberts review

“Northern Light” by Nora Roberts review


Northern Lights View a preview of this book online

Northern Lights

The colorful, compelling novel about two lonely souls who find love-and redemption-in Lunacy, Alaska.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is one of my favorite Nora Roberts book, it one of those that keeps you on your toes from the very start of the book, Nora Roberts had way of pulling her readers into her stories like you are right their as it’s going on. As I was reading this book I felt like I was right their living it out as I read it every twist and turn of the story. Love sceans all I can say is wow she’s the master of them she knows how to right them and everyone woman wants to have someone do that to her!!! I did happen to see that Life Time movie to this I was not super thrilled about it I was hopping the main chart they would have chosen someone other then Leann Rymes as I felt that she didn’t bring the main charts out that well, but that just my option I did how like the movie and watch it few times when ever it comes on the TV. I would recommend this to any Nora fan or someone wanting to try one of her book, great for anytime reading and book club as well.  

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