Look back at 2011

I know that I’m late in writing this but better late then never right? I could sit here and type that 2011 was such an amazing year, but it would all be lie it was not amazing at all it was ehhh okay it could have been Have been better. Enough about that here’s look back at it and I will tell you where I have come up short and failed as well because for 2012 it’s time to be real to me myself and e everyone even you dear readers too!
I learned to play works with friends it’s Facebook game I playe with my friends on their ( its kind of like scrabble)

My laptop took crap the mother board went in it so I had to get it fixed but I did end up getting ipad2 which I’m using now.

My ipad2 I got .

I did end up take trip up to the Mohegan casino in wilkes-berry pa mm nana our friend and i went up for the day it was great day trip all though it was nothing like atlantic city nj! I didn’t go many places over the summer due the heat and gas prices. I made some videos for YouTube.

I saw i have massive yarn stash that I need to use up! My aunt passed away and my cousin gave me her yarn so that is. How I got massive yarn stash

I love go to soapothercarey for all my bath body needs its rocking store with awesome owner to pen is is great!

I made this pumpkin and cat crochet felt doily for y, nana for Halloween and thanksgiving which she loved but I got so board making it because it got boring after while

We have turkeys i learned how to make turkey nail art.

I went on picnic in november yes you read right it was in november

Nana even went along with me

I just love this photo

I went to see some wild animals at our local environmental center

I made head band for winter but used the wrong yarn for it oh well still came out good.

I learned how to knit viva stitch and bitch by debbie stroller and youtube.

Even made scarf or two.

Went to website site called http://www.darngoodyarn.com got some silk sari yarn and made this silk sari hobo bag I created the little bag to use up some yarn and to have an accessory.

I also knitted up sari 1/2 ball head band

I dreamed up this scarf I used two different yarns banana fiber(darngoodyarn) and lion brand fun fur yarn

It was nice day out this Christmas seasons.

Now here’s where I talk about where I failed I didn’t get all my debt paid I still have some to pay off I know I’m not alone here. It this year I will make sure I pay it all off, next I didn’t reach my weight loss goal either! I did how ever fall I love with Zumba! I plan to reach my goal this year! I’m still working at the same place no new job but thats okay right now the econmey is not that good right now so I will stay where I’m at.

No I didn’t fall in love this year I found out how some people can be though as far as appearances how then want stick thin and I look like this

I still think I’m hot and look damn good! I have learned that these people are very in secure about themselves! Yes. I do love me so no worries I’m positive that the right one will come along I just have not meet him yet! I was told every pot had lid and I will find my pot or is it I will find my lid lol, either way when it’s time I will find the right person!

I have been bad blogger! I also have to find new gym my shut down

I thinks this sums things up I will in the next year to come make all kinds of changes personal growth, find love,lose my weight hit my goal, find new gym, travel, pay my debt off(is the possible in this day and age?),travel more, maybe go to tx see my friends, I would also love to start tea room or yarn shop I know huge dream but ehh girl can dream!


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