Knitted head band

Hello lovies, I want to share with you project that I finsihed earlier this month it’s my first ever knitted head band!!!! Yes that is right you read right I knitted up my first ever head band , I must say I think I did great job doing so. Did I mess up? uppers little bit here in their but hey practice makes perfect! I know where I messed up now when I makes another one using silk sari yarn from I will not have this mistakes in it, I’m sure you are wondering what I used to makes this head band well I will explain it all to you right here and it was super easy to make too.

Here is what I used Cable knitting needles, sugar n cream cotton yarn, pattern.[ How is easy is this right!]

So all of you know to make this you can use whatever yarn and colors that you want, I however use this type of yarn one to use it up and two I liked the colors and I find this type of yarn to be easy to pratice with or to make something for the first time. But hey we are all different so  use what you are comfortable with but also give something new try as well.

This pattern called for DPN[douple pointed needles] or cable I wanted to give cable needles try since I never used them before and I  found that I love them and are easier to knit with the just two sticks, but them maybe that is just me who knows. You start off by making an eye cord I have never done this so I turned to my stitch n bitch book but was not fully sure that I was doing it right so I went right to youtube and saw how to make an eye cord I was one the right track just not making it right so I ripped the stitches out and restarted, sometimes you have to do this more them once but it’s all good this how to learn . have you make the eye cord as along as you want but because this is going on your head and cotton streaches out after begin worn for while you want to makes the eye cords about 4in, then you need to start adding stitches then start you patten stitches, for this one I used double seed/moss stitch which was so fun well I think that is it was, you just start doing this little chant as are you knitting it’s like ommmmmm.

In t his photo I know not very well takes but you can see how well it turned out, how great it looks! If you are wondering where are my mistakes well in double moss when you start you do two rows of knit one purls one then two rows of purl on knit one well I messed up on that sometimes but hey you and tell at all and also right in the begining but that one is covered inside the head band so that is good. I still think it looks great and I’m going to start making another one.

I this this type of head band is great for anytime, these colors remind me of the beach. I use this sometimes when I do my facial scrubs or even wear it to work, I know it dose not sit right on my head right now since my hair is not that long it still works. These head bands make great gift ideas for family friends, co workers, it’s also great last minute gift idea!!!



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