darn good thing!!!!!

Hello Everyone, I know it has been long while since I posted something I’m sorry I have been busy with working and new knitting and crochet projects, also redoing room in my house but more about the redoing room in my house it didn’t happen yet and when that dose it will be big blog about it! Now onto what I wanted to talk to you about,Darngoodyarn.com I heard about this site from  Mikey over at The Crochet Crowd http://thecrochetcrowd.com right here is the link for his site due check him out I have been following him for ages since he started over at youtube  http://www.youtube.com/user/mikeyssmail this is the link for his  youtube site check him out he helps you learn crochet and even teaches you some really great crochet patterns as well I just love him in fact him and his SO are part of the family they are fixture in my house not day goes by my dad dose not ask do the boys have new vid up did you make something new they showed you.

I would say while back about two months ago or more he was talking in video about darngoodyarn.com  http://www.darngoodyarn.com/ this is the link to the site due check it out I love it! The owner is the site is   Nicole (Mikkelsen) Snow she is just awesome person I love her yarns they are just fabulous honeies!!!!!!  I’m so that Mikey did video about her yarn because once I saw it I got hooked it’s addiction for me I’m like what new yarn can I buy next and what can I makes, best of all her yarn is fair trade and when you buy the yarn you are helping people! I will be showing you on of my very first projects that I made from darngoodyarn.com I bought the pattern and the yarn for this right from her website but added my own twist to it as well since I love the whole east meets west theme.

The pattern that I bought from her is called Silk Sari Hobo Bag it’s crochet bag and I due believe that she has knitted version of this bag I’m not 100% sure so check the site out and it will tell you. The best part her patterns are so easy they look hard when you see the end product but they are not it’s easy and the bag took me week or less to finish due to the fact I worked on it at night after work and on my days off. I will show you photos on here from start to end I will exp how I got the lining for the purse as well.I’m even going to show you how the yarn came to me when it was shipped I love it!!! Here are the photos of my purse start to end. I will include photos of how great my box was packed when I got the yarn and my purse as I was making it, note the pattern didn’t come in the box it was emailed to my right from Nicole and yes the pattern is super east to follow.

I’m telling everyone to check out darngoodyarn.com I just love love her yarn I want to try them all out!!!! I love it’s something different out their it’s great quality and not the same boring yarn,how ever I also love that when crocheting or knitting that you can add this yarn in with you regular yarn as well to add zest to it or make it stand out, I want to loom knit scarf using this yarn and regular one to see how that would look for winter.

The photos don’t due the yarn justice in person the colors are so beautiful they just pop out at ya that what I love about her yarn plus I love how it just changes colors constant.I got the fabric at Joann’s fabric store, this pattern didn’t call for pocket in it but I decided to make one because I think every purse should have at least one pocket in it, to make sure it holds up and matches the fabric on the inside of the pocket I doubled the fabric up. I think that this fabric matches so well with the back but you can use what ever kind that you want to.This was not part of the pattern I chose to make this little change purse or what ever you want to call it I used what was left of the slik sari yarn and then used Peaches n cream cotton yarn to finish it and I think the peaches N cream cotton yarn goes well this the whole purse theme.This is the whole set together I think it matches so well all done. I did how ever have to to shorten the strap of the purse I made it to big I didn’t take into count that once I have everything into my purse that the purse streaches and gives so it was down to my thy so I took the handles to make them as short I wanted them to be. This pattern is something that you can have fun making altering  as you want, I have had quite few people asking how much I charge to make one, I have not taken no one up on it yet because I have to ask the owner if I’m okay to do so since I didn’t crate the patter another words think it up, I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes so to speak.


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