day 1 of 5 of 5 day pouch test

know that it’s been long time since I have blogged well sorry.. Here is what I’m up to! I  have been thinking for while now dose my band still work? Did I stretch it out too much? Did I break it? I also asked myself this question Self should be do that 5 day pouch test that we keep hearing about in out Lap band groups? and I said Self we should give it try and find out!!! Well it’s scary to me I keep thinking can I do this do I still have that will power I had almost 2yrs ago? I kept thinking about this test for months and did I really have that will power I had all those years ago when I decided to have WLS, well I sat last night and thought long and hard and yes yes I do I just tucked it away for safe keeping as blanket or something. I have gotten too comfy with slider foods, carbs, soda again,and bad bad food just like many other WLS people have and you can’t say that some of you have not because that would be lie you know that some of you have!!!! I found myself for weeks now going over the pros and cons of doing this test, I found the pros I weight the cons so this morning when I got up okay this afternoon I over slept I started the 5 day pouch test!!!

How are things going I’m sure you want to know well it’s been touch and go all day when I was home it didn’t bother me because I was on Facebook most of the day then picked my car up from getting worked on and headed off to work, now keep in mind this is where my down fall happens because their is all kinds of goodies at work sometime!!! So at work it was touch and go I sipped water but still felt hungry so I would take sip on my protein shake I made, reason for the sips I work in health care so sometimes it’s hard I don’t get dinner break so I eat when I so in this case drank them when I could I ended up finishing one of the two I brought. Trouble struck round 6pm I was hungry and feeling caffeine withdraw not good and carb withdraw now good when did I do I sipped on diet iced tea that made me feel better and I’m not going to lie I grabbed some peanut crackers stuck them in my pocket I said F it I’ll start Monday well then my will power kicked in and said not you won’t I gave those crackers away, I sipped on water and also on my diet tea but I will say that the neasua from no carbs got to me by the end of the night I dealt with it thought. I was still sipping on my diet tea when I came home reason why I did drink it down was to help caffeine withdraw its the only one I had today, when I got home I had some creamy soup which is aloud and that helped the upset stomach and killed the carb cravings! So day one out of five went tons better then I thought it would be I guess I do have that will power after all I guess I was  to scared to listen to it! The skinny person inside me is fighting so hard to get out of this fat suit and I’m not stopping her she is going to come out because we hate this fat suit we have on! I have noticed that my abdomen is not swollen or feels swollen I should say so that is good thing I just hope tomorrow goes better I know great things take time but I listening to my pouch,band brain and skinny person and plus I’m talking openly about it so this all helps me out!!! Here is the link to the five day pouch test I would hope that WLS people out their try this. I will blog tomorrow about day 2 of 5


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