We are not dumping loved ones in nursing homes

I’ve been discussing the aged care issue with Rachel over at http://indiaalovestory.com/ she has asked
me to write guest blog about Nursing homes from  professional view since I work
in aged care. Due check out her blog. Thank you again Rachel for letting me
share with everyone


***** Note before reading this blog post the information that is coming from here is 100% real it is not made up, not all facilities have everything that I’m going to be speaking about in here each place differs from facility from state to state and country to country, yes I am health care worker that dose work in skilled nursing home so the facts are real. I know that some places are called Skilled nursing/ Rehabilitation centers but I will refer to is as nursing home as not to confuse some people because it’s called different names different places. Thank you******

When most of us think of nursing home we tend to think of place that smells after pee is dark, dirty looking, smells funny, seeing an old person sitting in wheel chair or rocker drooling, or stuck in bed  with no loved ones around. Often people think that people dump their parents, grandparents, or in-laws in nursing homes and never bother or see them till they die!

I’m here to tell you friends out their in blog land that is so far from the truth! I see people coming every day to see their family members or friend that might be in nursing home. The truth of the matter is over the past 21st century skilled nursing care has changed from what it was once thought of I’m here to explain to you what it’s like as of today to maybe help you get better understanding of it as you read you will learn loved ones are not dumped in home waiting to die.

Most nursing homes are not just long term/skilled care facilities anymore they now offer Short tem care[ please not that every facility may not offer short term care it is up to the family member to check this out before placing loved one in care at a facility] as the current again population is living longer, due to being more healthier, active their is a need now for short term care. I’m sure you are wondering what I am talking about I will explain it all to you don’t worry. If you do have question feel free to ask me. I will break down what all this means to all of you so here goes

Long Term Care: states just what it mean your loved one is in skilled nursing facility for their remaining life due to an illness, no longer able to walk, are senile, ect…. here they will get total patient care they need, all the wants and need will be meet by caring staff member. They will also get daily physical therapy to their body so they don’t become contracted of if they do from their illness they will get daily nursing restorative  therapy done daily by the staff member.

Short Term Care: is design for stroke recovery, IV antibiotics therapy, total or practical joint replacement, orthopedic condition, or need little longer to recovery from an illness they were hospitalized for. When they come nursing home/Rehabilitation center[ keep in mind some places are both in one any more] they will be seen by either Physical, occupational, or speech therapy depending on what their need may be, nursing staff will also be helping in this process as well for their recovery.

Nursing homes and rehabilitations centers are often all in once place these days they care for range of things. Keep in mind not every place is both it depends on where you live what state or country that you live in for the purpose of this blog I will be referring to nursing home but rehabilitation centers often deal with some of the same issues here. Some nursing homes now offer when end of life comes to have hospice agency come into help all of you in the end of life process and make they more comfortable. Nursing home  encourage families to be evolved in loved ones care right from the being so that you are not left out and your loved one dose not feel like you are dumping them in the place. Most facilities are open 24 hours day for you to come visit you loved ones, when you do come to visit some places even have family rooms for you take your loved one to visit with them, I have come to find that most people tend to stay and visit in their loved ones room with them, sit and join them in an activity they are doing in the facility, or if the loved one is able to walk or even in wheel chair they are aloud to walk the halls with the, or nursing floor with their loved one their they are able to speak with other residents, family member and even the staff this helps to form last friendships and gives a feeling of being at home for everyone because after all we tend to be come an extended family! In the facility that I work in we like the make it homier for the residents treat it like it’s their home this helps in making everyone feel at easy. I find that family member and friends tend to come visit loved ones everyday depending on their work schedules but since we are open 24 hours it makes it easer for them to come visit.

Here are something’s that residents can either do or are done right on site for them again depending on where you are at I don’t know what every facility offers these are just something’s that I know that are offered for loved ones. On site laundry which is done everyday, cleaning of the facility and rooms everyday, if an accident happens and house keeping is need they are right their to clean the accident up, hair care services, cable TV[ either TV is provided or you can bring one in] they can have private phone or if they have cell phone they are aloud to use cell phone. They are able to have the freedom and privacy to attend to personal needs from managing to their own finical affairs if able to, decorating their room with personal belongs. Some places even offer facility computer them may go onto to check email or browse the internet if able, due keep in mind not every place may have all of this. Residents are able to participate in the planning of their own treatment and are assured of the confidentiality of their medical information at all times. Residents and family as well are even allowed and encouraged to develop friendships and rapport with their peers and staff member forming relationships that frequently extend beyond admission we tend to think of all of us as one big family.
In today’s nursing homes they have activity department which takes care of entreating and stimulating programs for residents in fact they get input from residents on monthly basis, also residents also have what is called resident council meeting to give their input on the everything in the facility[ every place has different name for this or might not have it at all].

If you are worried about your loved one getting the right meal or nutrition you need not worry because facilities have on site nutritional services which preps appetizing meals and snacks for residents, have hostess savable to meet with residents daily to help with personal meal preference and asst them with adhering to special dietary needs. Residents are encouraged to  enjoy meals in pleasant surroundings in dinning room or if they choose to eat in their own room if the would like to.

We are not dumping are loved ones in nursing home we are assting them in getting the proper care that they need for this time in their life, they are getting the medication they need right at the times they are to have it as well, they are being cared for by staff that is trained in geriatric care as well. Here in the states we don’t dump our loved ones or friends we come see them all the time. I hope this helps to clearly that we are not dumping loved ones in nursing home when they can no longer care for themselves but rather making sure that they’re getting the proper care they so need by trained staff when they need that care. As for my view on it I treat every resident as if they were my parent or grandparent I’m their for them no matter what sometimes I even staff after my shift if they need someone to talk to or come in before my shift if they need something like wanting their nails painting or time for game written down, nursing homes are no longer places to dump people but rather asst them in the stage of life they need the most help.


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