Went to the local lake on Wed

On Wednesday I went out to our local like since it was nice and warm out for change we got break from rain. I stayed for bout 2-3 hours soaking up some sun I did manage to snap few photos I will share. Come Monday you will not be able to get in free you will have to pay but it don’t cost lot.Sadly I ended up going alone like always but still had fun.

I’m planning if it don’t rain to have picnic out there this Sunday so if all goes well another blog and more photos.

Im using the camera on my phone.

Me abd the lake

Sun was in my eyes

Sadly no one wanted to go long with me so I always end up going places alone but I still had fun.


One thought on “Went to the local lake on Wed

  1. There is something wonderful about being alone and with your thoughts and taking a personal inventory. I covet that time. While I love my family and friends that time to take in nature is always a gift! Great pics btw for being a cell phone!

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