I can now knit

SO I can now Knit! it took me week to learn! Here are some photos of what I have made so far, will I stick with it? Yes I will I will knit up somethings soon, but for now here are little samples of what I have made.

Knit rib stitch
up close of the rib stitch
All the stitches that I have made so far
That’s supposed to be heart
it’s supposed to be heart would have came out better if I used sold color but want to use my yarn stash up

One thought on “I can now knit

  1. you are doing awesome for being a beginner! I have a yarn shop and I still have to look things up. Knittinghelp.com is a great site and god bless youtube:) you can learn so many amazing things on there. But for learning from a book you are rockin and rollin!

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