Aumba Party review 10

Zumba Party review 10

I recently maybe few months ago bought Zumba party for Wii I know this review is late but dummy me threw my back out and could not use it for while, now that all is good to go I’m using it again. Well I so love it love it love it , I was hooked the first time that I tried this game few months ago! here on the right you get the box with the game and belt that you put round your waist, how ever if your big girl like me it can be kind of sung fitting I’m sure as the weight keeps coming off it will fit better!! I’m not sure what the price is now but I paid 39.99 for mine at WAL*MART. I love the music that goes along with it, you really do get into the groove of it, it’s also broken down into parts, they have part where you can practice the steps so that you get good at them and know what you are doing and how to do them, also you create user profile since it’s multi player game you can make more then one and use it with up to two other people I think it is but don’t quote me it might be more! You can start of with Zumba party with just one person if you want that is what I do since it’s just me, or you can choose Zumba class options I do the party one I have not chose the class one yet but I’m going to maybe tonight I will when I get home.

Here is what the belt looks like, you put this around your waist and stick the control in the little pocket thing the remote montoners your moves to make sure you are doing them right.

This is what the disc looks like it all ready makes it so supers fun dose it not ehh maybe it’s just me on that one but I think it makes it look fun!

Here is what the games looks like you follow this people mirror their dance moves the thing on the bottom is fit credits you fill up the acct you open up to more people dancing along with you and more moves. When you start off you start with 20 min session and it’s broken down in minutes but it goes by so quick it dose not feel like 20mins but it’s 20min it gets your heart racing blood pumping and body moving!

My review of this game so far is 10 how ever there are some down falls the belt should be little bigger because us big people want to try this work out as well. Have I lost weight yes since yesterday I love 3.1bls keep in mind I’m sure this might be water weight but none the less I lost 3.1 lbs, yesterday I did two 20 min zumba workouts one in the morning and one after work i love it.

This blogging was supposed to be post last week but I didn’t get the time to post it as of last week I lost 3 lbs doing Zumba I know that is not alot but for just few days of doing this I think it’s quite good I hope that I lose more then that this week. I guess I will have to do weekely Zumba blog to let everyone know how  I’m doing or something. I did last week two 20 minute sessions to make up 40 minutes of it, and let me tell you when I was doing wow was the sweat coming off me but I didn’t feel tired I felt refreshed I know it’s weird but I did, doing Zumba had also helped with my sleeping I’m sleeping better and not sleeping in either I also find that I have more energy to do things as well so this is def 10 from me I tell anyone to get this it’s great workout and so fun as well. I also love the cool down where you do some belly dancing that is great as I use to belly dance, which reminds me I need to find someone that can teach me that again as it’s great workout as well.


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