Book review: Debbie Macomber Ready for love

I thought that I would go little book review on this book that I just read, I picked it up on whim when I was at Wal*Mart few months ago and I’m glad that I did below is little intro in to what the book is about, it’s two books in one as well two stories in one book.

Ready For Love (Ready For Romance & Ready For Marriage)

Ready For Love (Ready For Romance & Ready For Marriage)

by Debbie Macomber
Ready for Romance?
At the age of fourteen, Jessica Kellerman was wildly infatuated with Evan Dryden. But that was just a teenage crush and now, almost ten years later, she’s in love—truly in love—with his older brother, Damian. But everyone, including Damian, believes she’s carrying a torch for Evan!

Ready for Marriage?
Mary Jo Summerhill is the woman in love with Evan. But her background’s blue-collar, while Evan’s is blue blood. So three years ago she got out of his life—and broke his heart. Now she needs his help. More than that, she wants his love. She wants a second chance with Evan…

It was good book don’t get me wrong the only thing I didn’t like was the end of the book was dragging out, and some of it you knew what was going to happen, and it also kept you on the edge of your seat as well. I would tell anyone to read this books it’s quite good I did like it. To me it was quick read it took me few days to read this book I do hope that if read it if you want something to read.

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