Bear Appetit review

I have chosen to do blog today on place that I ate at on earth day last weekend I know that I‘m late but  I was just not feeling in the blogging mood so I put this off as I was also trying to fight off ear  infection as well but none the less here it is hope you enjoy this.

Bear Appetite is located right in downtown Jim Thorpe 29 Broadway  trust me you will not be able to miss this place as it has bear right on the door as shown on the photo about and also in the window as well, I just do happen to love the name of it as well because it’s very different name.  When you walk into this place you are greeting with friendly employes and also deli right there in the front of the store as well as place to sit and eat, they also have more room in the back to eat if you don’t want to site up front, sadly I didn’t ask the owners if I could take some photos of the place, however I’m going to ask when I go over again since I only live right across town I will exp what it’s for I’m sure they won’t have an issues with that as this place is getting great ratings from me. I will share some photos of the meal that I had their with Nana and friend of ours. Prices are not bad at all to eat at this place, you can get breakfast, lunch and supper their.

This is one of the carving in the window I happen to live it, in case you are wonder what is that thing, well it’s bear of course, this place is very relaxed place to go into to eat with family friends, or yourself, it’s also kid friendly as well just in cause you have children, you are even able to perches thing in this store as well from deli items to shirts and aprons.

This is the same window as the bear carving the Boar’s Head brand is the type of deli company that they use and it’s very good company to get cold cuts from, yes this place is also located right next to another shop as you see. You also see that this place had the menu right in the window like they do in Europe, so you can stop to see what they have what the prices are so you can choose to come in and eat or not. Also they have sign out site listing their specials for that day as well which I think is  great as well so you know what they have all the way around.

This is the other side now it also has meanu right there in the window so both sides are covered from all directions I like this in eating place so that you, all cram to one window to see what they have and how much it cost. As you can see they also have signs for other things going on in town as well which I like how they are community based as well.

This is one of the appetizer dishes that are available to eat this one is called Mixed Vegetable sticks it’s very good its large portion of mixed veggies serived with marinara sauce, it was very good but I had to ask for ranch dressing but that it just me I love ranch dressing with veggies not matter what, I shared this with Nana and our friend as it was super way to much for just me. Good thing is it’s large enough to share with the people you are dinning with. The price for this is  5.75 it was well worth the price.

This my friends was my main dish it’s huge!! I was only able to take few bits of this and was asking for box price for this was well worth it as well. As I stated before I’m going to be going back to this place this week to get more photos and also of the menu we went here on the spare of the moment and I didn’t even thing to ask for certain things but oh well none the less I’m sharing this with all of you.

Desert shared with my friend and I  Omg it was soo good the whole meal was well worth it it’s such great relaxing place to go eat at I have this place 10 in my book. This is just one of the many pluses of living in small town USA, I know that it’s not always the greatest to live in small tourist town USA but some days it’s just worth it. I know that I have been rambling in the blog a little bit but  I can’t help it at times. Do look forward to the next part of this blog to come which will be better one in detailed one.


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