Earth Day festival 2011

Well I went over to Earth Day 2011, to me it left alot to be desiered but I think that had to do with the waether the day before! There were hardly any vendors like the year before, the train was not even running oh well none the less I still had good time! I liked the one band that they had, but how ever I did want to cut some dread locks off people idk why but they just bothered me for some reason this year. I did how love looking round in some of the shops that we have here in town. I will be sharing some of those with you in another post. Here are some photos of today I will also be doing blog review of place that I ate at in another blog as well. Hope you enjoy the photos. I was hoping to find some east meets west stuff but sadly I found nothing like that but I did find bakery that everyone keeps talking about but I still have not tried what I bough tomorrow followed by another blog. I would write more on earth day but their is nothing really to write about so here are some photos and video if I can post it. I should also add they had to cancel Saturdays events due to the rain and winds so maybe some of the vendors left idk


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