Some Indian cooking Cucumber Raita

Some Indian cookingCucumber Raita

As part of stepping out of my confory zone into news thing I have started to try Indian cooking again I’m taking baby steps Tuesday night I took my hand at trying to make clod dish just to see how I would do. I have perviolsy made Indian dinnger using box all I had to do was add the chicken to it. This one I had to add all the stuff myself I had to go out and buy it in fact, I’m sure you are wondering what could she have made well here goes my blog on it. step by step.

Step one go buy Indian cook book at Barnes & Noble [not I cheated I got it on sale]

2. Next when looking at said cook book you need to think about what you want to try and make. Since this is my first time using this book I tried something simple


3. Make sure that you have everything that you need Well I did exp for the cumin and black pepper corn, plain yogurt I had to run the the store for those. I was how ever dispointed in Giant Food Store I need Cumin seeds all the had was the powder, so I had to use that in place of the seeds and I had to get the black pepper corn in grinder so I had to use that as well in way I feel like I cheated little but I had to use what their. I know I don’t have photo of these items I just realized now that I didn’t take one oh well next time I will ADD it to this post or just make another one. This recpie didn’t call for onions in it but I wanted some in there cause I was feeling for an onin.

4 Here is what it looks like all done I know it don’t look like the photo in the book but oh well not bad for my first time at trying this, I must say that  I will make it again just like it calls for.

I will say I love the smell and taste of cumin  I don’t know why but I just do.


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