I love the Indian Head Bobble I’m now hooked on doing it

One of the many favorite things in Indian culture is the head bobble I love it IDK why but I just do, I have noticed that I started doing it I do get people looking at me funny because they don’t know what it means or some are thinking why is this gori doing this!!!! With out thinking even when I talk with Indian friends I start doing it and they seem to think nothing of it which is great because I love doing it. I know I have now going crazy or something but it’s one of my fav things. I had to do quick blog to share this with all of you.

I’m sure some people are wondering why on earth would you want to do something like that we because it’s easier then telling some one no, or easier to show that I understand what you are saying or even to say I have not clue to what you are saying or doing,I even add some facial expression to it as times too. I know that it’s not bad but I do love when people look at me all suprised or shocked the looks on the faces……

Oh well I respect and love the head bobble


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