Learning Hindi is not easy!!!!

As I mentioned in an earlier post http://nickelosinterculturalworldandthoughts.com/2011/03/22/learning-hindi/ I want to learn Hindi I want to learn Hindi!!! I signed up at Livemocha.com it’s okay I like the site but I wash that I could have voice thing or something so that I know that I’m saying the words right, I even wish it kind of broke it down more. UGH I was doing pretty good till I got into more of the phrases and now it’s getting hard I need help!!! Don’t get me wrong I don’t give up on nothing I will learn how read, write, speak Hindi just as good I do english.  Right now I feel so dumb because I’m little stuck I will get over this I know I will. UGH I just wish that it came easy for me, but then I guess people wanting to learn English feel the same way or people wanting to know other langues feel the same way. I guess I just needed to vent rant about this. If Rosetta Stone did not cost too much money I would have just gotten that, I might also look to see of our community college offer Hindi class as well.


I do hope that I’m not alone in this issues.


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