Heres to My two fav men!!!

Court side baby booties from  Crochet today mag/


Made these from viva

Last year I did blog about two amazing men that I know viva the Internet, I have not had chance to meet them in person as of yet but I’m hoping to. They are called Mike & Diva Dan they are from Canada, I’m sure you are wondering how do I know these guys? Well I’m getting to that so here goes, few years ago Crochet Today mag came out with this pattern called “Court side baby booties” shown here well let me tell you I could not figure out this pattern for the life of me, so I let it go for few years then the idea popped into my my head again to crochet some baby booties like that so my quest to learn how to make these cute booties too my to I did search for them and long and behold I cam across this guy called “Mikeyssmail” who was teaching you how to crochet baby booties similar to these so I followed along with his video and look what I made how cute are they. I scribed right to the channel I knew that I found something great when I came across him I felt some how that Mike knew right what I was looking for, I know it sounds sappy but true. As the months went on I followed along with him on his youtube journey in crocheting and personal life I meet Diva Dan Mike’s partner in life who is amazing person he dose not crochet but he’s great at music gardening  cooking color matching decor etc! I have stuck by then and always will even now that is taking off to great thing!! I reccmond everyone to check him out on and on his web page right here: . I have learned so much from these two men it’s not funny Diva Dan opened my eyes to decor esp I love when he has his cooking  section it’s great it’s wonderful cook I know that I have not ever tasted it but omg it looks so  good! When ever I feel down I just go look at video of them and I start to feel better because you get few good laughs with them, I have learned so much from the both of them I would not even know how to repay them for it. So please check out their page it’s worth your time


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