Wal*Mart Vision Center product review

I just picked up my new glasses today at Wal*Mart Vision Center here in small town USA, so I was inspired to do product review on how there vision center is so where goes hang on to your seats everyone it’s going to be fun ride. It was that wonderful time of year again where I need to get my eyes examed well that is what my little reminder card in the mail told me anyhow, which I’m glad it did because I could not remember when I was due for one again, so Wal*Mart Vision Center got thumbs up from me their for sending me little reminder letting me know that it was time for exam! I went right up to the vision center to make my apt they told me we are booked up this week but we can get you in next week on 3/22/11 I said that would be fine with me, they asked if I have vision insurance, told them no I don’t my employer dose not have vision insurance so I will be paying out of pocket, they had all my info on the computer but wanted to make sure that everything was still the same. Again they got thumbs up from me again!! I will share everything with you what it cost for my exam glasses and contacts but please due keep in mind I didn’t but everything at one time so their will be different totals so here goes:side note this was also contact exam as well

Eye exam: 55.00

Exam for astigmatism(I have astigmatism so it cost little bit more for an exam for me): 45.00

Optic Frame [Apple Bottoms] 68.00

Lenses 30.00

Lenses 30.00 yes it’s on here two times because it’s per eye

Total cost for exam and glasses this day was $228.00

I did not have my eye dilated because I didn’t have not one to drive me home so I do not get that done, I must say that the time between me filling out my paper work which consisted of two papers, since I was repeat client and the wait to get prescreened or whatever you want to call it was very short time, and the time to wait for the eye doctor was none I didn’t have to wait that day as they were not busy. I got very therial eye exam I was even given free pair of trial contacts as well I was asked to read with them in  to make sure that everything fit okay and was good to go, which it was so then I was able to go out and look at frames and order contacts. For cost reasons that day I just ordered my glasses since I had free trial pair I told the tech that I would be up later that week to order my contacts as well.

I went back to the Vision Center that Friday to order my contacts so here is the of everything for that day

Contact lenses 2 boxes for left eye: 43.99 total cost 87.98
Contact lenses 2 boxes for right eye 43.99 total cost 87.98

total cost for that day is 175.96 this is six month supply..

I was told that my glasses would take 5-10 business day to arrive and that my contacts would take 2-3 business day because they use 1800contacts. At the vision center the warranty that I get with my glasses are life time adjustment and cleanings 12 month replacement guarantee 60 day satisfaction so I do not think that is bad for the money at all.

Today round 5 something I get call from the vision center tell me I can come and pick my contacts up, I’m thinking wow that was fast they were ordered Friday, I figured that my glasses would be in round Thursday when I get their the tech taking care of me brings out two trays I’m thinking wow this is something just for contacts this is something, so she says to me do you want to take out your contacts to try your glasses on they came in as well, I was surprised that they came in so fast since the were ordered last week on the 22nd. I love how they fit on my face they are confty it’s like I don’t have nothing on I know I went with great fame.

I give Wal*Mart Vision Center 5*’s they get A+s in my book it only took 5 business day for my glasses other places I went to the whole 10days and contacts took week to come in I got my today it was 2 business day I want to tell everyone to go their because they have great prices on there frames and 1800contacts are great people to deal with as well. How ever do check to see if they take your eye insurance if you have any. I had great customer service their way to go Wal*mart.

See happy person I know it’s bad pic I for got to shut the ceiling fan off

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