My visit to Anoopam Mission and Hindu Temple

I did post last year about my first visit to Hindu temple . I first learn about this temple viva my local paper from this article: . Well over the course of the year understanding Hinduism has been on my mind as something that I want to do in life so this year I have made it goal to understand Hinduism and learn to speak Hindi, I will be speaking on the learning Hindi on another post now back to this topic. Now you have to understand I have been going over this every night in my mind that this is something that I need to learn so I contacted Anoopam mission viva email and someone got in contact with me, we sat up date and time for me to visit the temple which happen to fall on Holi so I got to see the temple in full action! It was something to see granted I didn’t understand everything that was being said but I kind of picked up bits and peaces, it was quite site in enjoyed it made want to learn even more about Hinduism and brought up more questions. They invited me to stay for food but I didn’t come alone I came with my Nan and friend Nana can’t eat spicy food so we didn’t stay long, I thanked the person for showing me around. I did follow up email telling him we did have wonderful time and plan to come back again which is true! I told him that I did have more question about Hinduism he told me we will set another date and time up for me to come back again. I must say I loved the fact that we got to take out shoes off I think every religious  place should be like this to me its respectful, I also felt comfortable with the fact that the believe in reincarnation as well as me!

Now my things is I have few questions for me but I wanted to know what all should I ask when going? I have always wanted to learn about Indian culture and Hinduism so I plan to do so and take you with me dear readers on my new path outside the comfort zone! I will be doing another post about the temple it’s self if I’m aloud to I will be asking them first because I don’t want to upset anyone or anything.

Must say I felt very at home in the temple like I belong somehow I just can’t quite explain it but I felt very at peace something that I not felt in quite long while. I’m going keep up with this see where it takes me in my path.


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