I’m stepping out of myComfort Zone!!!!

India Pillow by ashpei
India Pillow a photo by ashpei on Flickr.

I have come to realize that I have been living in comfort zone for almost year now it’s not good nor is it me!  I thought that this photo was good aspersions to comfort zone I have chosen to now to step out of this zone, into the unknown to see where it takes me I might not like it but it’s something that needs to be done in order to help myself grow become better person. I know that we all have this kind of zone to protect ourselves from things in life but are we really hurting ourselves by doing so? I tend to think that we are just so we can go along with what society wants us to do, I’m choosing not to take part in this no more I’m stepping out I’m done with this! So I have put together list of thing that I plan to do to step out of this zone, and into uncharted waters so to speak I will blog about every single one of them tell you how it was if I plan to do it again or not. Here is the list in not certain order:

Learn Hindi
Learn Hinduism
Go to India
Find my other half
Take trips this year
Learn to swim
go to Canada
get better at wordpress

There are more to add to this list so I will be adding more to the list. I would love to hear comments from you as well.


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