I want to get more Kurti’s/Tunic but where to get them?

I have one Kurti and I love it I want to get more but where do I go get some? I’m looking on eBay right now but the whole sizing thing get me confused at times! I looked on Amazon.com I found some and they cost quite bit I don’t need all fancy ones I want to be able to where then everyday outfit like with my jeans and Capri’s I do want some dressy ones for going out places to don’t get me wrong! Only bad side about living in small town USA is that we don’t have store that makes or sell’s them, so I guess I will have to do search online for places near me that sell them. If anyone knows where I can get some at please let me know, because I’m so ready to drive to NJ to little India and find shops their that sell them and have sizes to fit me as well. That is the other issues with sizing their idea of xl-2xl is different from ours so I would have to try them on. I know that when you get kurti that is goes by measurements which is fine by me since I know what mine are. I just want to find kurti that I like dose not cost lot oh and is short sleeves for summers as well, that is my other issues I want to wear them during the summer! I will have to keep everyone posted on how this comes along.


3 thoughts on “I want to get more Kurti’s/Tunic but where to get them?

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