something you’ve never told

I’m open person so here goes, just remember don’t judge me there is only one person that can do so and it’s not us.  Something that I never told anyone is that I’m freaking scared to be  thin or at normal weight I WORRY will people still like me want to be friends with me etc! I know yes I had WLS to lose weigh but I’m still scared to be another different person will I like this new person I ask myself all the time. I know I had WLS for my health no to be thin just cause yes I have taken my time at losing weight cause I don’t think I’m strong enough to do this, I know some of you are say HELLO YOU HAD THE OPERATION WHICH IS SCARY ENOUGH YOU TOOK THE BIG STEP THE REST IS CAKE NOW! Well it’s not cake it can play hell with you mind like it has me for the past year I know that I need to get past this and I will now since I have told you my secret, I want to be happy healthy fun person I don’t want to let nothing stop me that is for sure! I know with the help of all of you I will be able to do this! I have to take baby steps before I can walk so I’m going to do this starting today. I know somewhere deep in my mind I will love this new person because she is screaming to get out of this fat suit that we are in, in fact this size3 person is starting to step up in my head now yelling at me which is somethign that need very much along with support of all my friends and family as well!

I know that all of you will hold me accountable for everything that I do and even call me on my stupid crap that I do along the way as well.


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