Diwal festival of lights


Diwali lights n

Originally uploaded by keya_arati

the photos shows it’s that time of the year again in Hinduism, Sikhism,and
Jainism it’s time to celebrate Diwali also know to us as festival of lights. Up
until recent I didn’t understand what this meant all I knew was it had to do
with light and oil lamps. This festival has always interest me for as long as I
can remember, not to feel stupid or dumb Westerner I looked it up to see what it
fully meant which meant I googled it, along with going reading Sharell’s blog
over at http://www.whiteindinhousewife.com I learned what it mean and it has my full
attention now in fact I’m going to try to take part in it here, of course mine
will be so small it’s not funny but I find it interesting. In case you don’t
know anything about Diwali go to this link here :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali I found it quite interesting so much so that
I’m going to go to one of the Hindu temples that are near me to speak with
someone to learn More bout Diwali. I would also love to see some photos from
those of you that celebrate this festival as well I will post mine. I borrowed
this photo because it fit and is so colorful too I love the Mandela


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