They were know as the first know settlers in Mauch Chunk/Jim Thorpe PA

All the information that I’m about to post here came from the Mauch Chunck
Historical Society I will include the link to the site. I  did not write any of
this it’s right from the site I’m only barrowing the information from them. I do
not own any of the information that  I’m about to post. Here is the link to the
page where you can find all the information on and where I barrowed the
information from as well :

The first settlers
of Ol’ Mauch Chunk were members of the work crew that came here with White &
Hazard in the fall of 1818.  The “charter” citizens of old Mauch Chunk, besides
White and Hazard, were:


Wilson, John, Coppersmith
Lamon, James,

Ward, Thomas, laborer
Thomas, machinist
Fulton, John, laborer

Jenkins, John, carpenter
Spear, James,
Spear, William,

Spear, Robert, laborer
Hezekiah, saddler
McCrea, James, wheelwright
Briggs, William,

Nowlan, Francis, white washer
William, carpenter
Cameron, James,

Flood, John, teacher
Watt, James, laborer
Buzby, Samuel,


These settlers
were soon followed by others, including Nicholas Brink who brought his wife and
children here in early 1819.  Margaret Brink was the first woman in MC and in
April 1819 the first child born in MC was born to the Brinks.


Most of these
settlers only lived here a short time – most were gone by the mid 1820s.  The
Spears were in MC for a while, but had relocated to other places by time of the
Civil War.  James McCrea is the most interesting since he remained in MC the
rest of his life.  He had the wheelwright shop which occupied the site of what
is now the Marion Hose Co. building.
He’s buried in the MC Cemetery



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