IRT Deadliest Roads in India

Anyone that knows me know that I’m not reality TV fan at all but I do have few favorite shows that I do watch one of them is called Ice Road Tuckers the past few seasons it take place in Alaska you can find this show in History channel. History channel now has spin off of this show called IRT’S Deadliest roads it takes place in India, I saw preview for this show for weekend now and I was hooked on it right after seeing the preview of the show I was counting down the days to the show LOL! I was glad to see that they had Lisa on the show driving in India to prove that woman can do it all! Here is little bit about the show it’s right from : here is the link if you would like to check it out yourself :  now here is what the show is about right from please keep in mind that I don’t own none of this text I’m just borrowing it to inform you.

 About IRT Deadliest Roads

Three of North America’s toughest truck drivers are crossing borders and tackling some of the most extreme roads in one of the world’s most unforgiving environments: the Himalayas. Navigating the highways of India–some of the deadliest on the planet–will test everything the drivers have learned in more than 40 years of combined experience. They’ll be forced to adapt to road and driver conditions they’ve never before encountered. Whether it’s driving along 1,000-foot-high cliffs, dodging avalanches, failing to communicate in a language they don’t understand, facing hostile temperatures or simply driving on the other side of the road, nerves will be tested and lives will be put on the line this season on IRT Deadliest Roads.

You can also find video’s of this show on Youtube as well it’s under history channel or you can just type the name on of the show as well. I just had to share this with all of you. It was something to see them driving those trucks because they are not like the ones here in the states and are not safe at all, the traffic OMG that was something to see as well I was sitting on the edge of my seat last night watching them, I did love how Lisa was taking photos of people taking photos of her! That was great I would be doing the same thing as well! I’m  Glad did this show to show to everyone look what other people do on the other side of the world look where they have to drive to sometimes! I can’t wait for next week to see what happens!


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