How me and other American’s like to spend money

Someone inspired me to write this blog because it got me thinking! US as Americans we love to spend money weather we have it or not it seems like we don’t care anymore or maybe that is just me, it seems like all we do it buy stuff that we don’t need just because we saw it on TV or someone told us that hey you should try this product it’s great and sadly we go out  and spend our money on it half the time we don’t use it or might use it one and never aging.

 I know that I’m not along in this department either I’m guilt of spending money on stuff that I don’t need I will even openly talk about this right here right now along with what we  Americana’s do, eating out we all do this some more then other we chose to do so for many different reasons, me included I have learned that eating out all the time is not good for our health home cooked meals. If we eat out we have to let tip pay for drinks sometimes even refills,pay for appetizer, main meal and desert, that my friends is hefty bill because we love to eat that is part of our problem we have no grasp on portion control. I’m can safely say I have learn portion control thanks to WLS and changing my life around. Once you start to eat at home you will see that you saved money because you don’t have to let tip pay for drinks refills none of that stuff! Plus you know what you are putting into your food when you eat out you have no idea what is in your food they can tell you it’s one thing but it can be whole neither thing.

After having my WLS done I starting losing weight I was not hungry all the time I didn’t know what to spend my free time on so when I was not working and had weekends off I went shopping spending money on new clothes, hand bags, pens, yarn, hair ext ions, as seen on TV stuff, anything that I could get my hands on just like the rest of the people out in the world and I started to spend money I didn’t have. Well I got into depression after my operation it didn’t stop my spending but made it worse I stopped working out and fell backing to old ways even spending buying more stuff!!! I went to talk to someone who I brought up my spending habits well he told me what I needed to do at that time I didn’t want to hear it this kept up for nothing, I’m sure you are wonder what has changed. Well my neighbors went into nursing home friend and I helped cleaned out there home we I ended up with more stuff and but seen how they kept everything and how bad shape some of it was woke me up to see hey you don’t need to stuff to be happy and spend that money on that stuff dose not good I can keep that money and spend it on nice trip or vacation somewhere or make improvement to my house.

Well what has changed for me is in the process of helping them out I ended up with new bed room set well it’s not brand new but it’s in better shape then mine was so I got it. I had to clean my room out which opened my eyes to see how much stuff I have well I ended up throwing somethings out that I no longer need or was not good either, as for my pens well I’m not buying more I’m using what I have till the ink is gone if it don’t write I throw it away it makes me feel good to do so because I know I don’t need pen collections, hand bags well I’m going through them getting ride of what I don’t want or like any more I don’t need 50 or more hand bags, shoes well since I lost the weight my feet are smaller I into size 7-71/2 shoes so my size 8’s have to go the hard part for me is getting rid of my fat clothes this is another blog about my fat clothes. I have learned that I don’t need the newest latest high tech things that are out on the market today either. I’m learning to cut my spending down because things are going up and we don’t need stuff to make us happy either. As for yarn well I’m crocheting again making things it comes in hand for baby gifts, birthday’s Christmas etc! So the yarn is put to good use.

Us as Americana’s need to stop spending money on stuff that we cannot afford we don’t need the newest cars, phones,homes,TVs, eating out,etc we need to look at what we have and use that we need to get out take nice walk with our families smells the fresh air we can do things that don’t take money like family night, going to state parks, cleaning out our home have yard sales etc. I think if we all can save 1.00 to 20.00 week it will add up to something big and we can spend that on something we need like our debt that we have or  take nice trip or make that home improvement we need. This is just my thought.


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