Wanting to get passport

Trying to get passport is not easy in fact I find it to be confusing and stressful! I would like to travel to out of the US for weekend but I need passport in order to go,so I went to usa.gov to find information out in hopes that I could maybe fill papers out online. Well I was on the site read all the information that was required of me it said I could fill some out online and other I can print out or go to my local court house to get,fill them out and send them in and wait! That is all good but it’s so confusing they seem like the ask the same questions over and over again they ask everything but you blood type! I understand this but come on here people make getting the paper work one easy and either fill all of it out online or vivia paper!!!!! I will be getting passport I need to fill the paper workout  pay the money to get all of this. I will keep everyone posted


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