I’m going on Ghost Walk in Jim Thorpe PA

Since October is coming right up I though I would share something with everyone something that I have been interested in doing the past few years  which  would be taking part in ghost walks the Jim Thorpe has to offer. I know some of you are wondering why it has taken me some long well pre lapbanding I was not able to do this cause of my weight, but now that have been banded for year I’m now able to do things like this YAY!!!!!!  I will post photos of this if they let me in my next blog of ghost walks along with what they talk about and tell you

I know you are wonder what are ghost walk exactly well here is brief descriptions of what they are and include I will also include the like to the site if you would like more information on them.

Ghost walks are tales of  ghost encounters, stories of historic properties people along Broadway, it’s one miles round trip walk which starts in the lobby  of the Inn at Jim Thorpe, its lead by costumed storyteller, you walk outside so make sure you have on the proper atter so that you are not cold or hot also make sure you have shoes are comfortable as well cause this is walk and you will be outside. The walk last about an hour unless for some reason they are not due to weather. The site states that walk-in are welcome but space on each walk are limited, so make sure to make reservations, private walks are available on certain dates and time, you can also purchase tickets for the walk at the Inn at Jim Thorpe 15 minutes before the walk time its first come fist serve without reservations. There walks start in September and end in December.

Here is the link to the site: http://www.jimthorperotary.org/ghostwalks.


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