What I did over the summer part two

Okay it’s time for part two of the last blog. Capt. Kirk’s time up here with me went so quickly but we had blast enough if that on with part two of this blog hope that you all enjoy it. The next place that I took Capt.Kirk was to place called Penn’s Peak right in Jim Thorpe I love this place you can see concerts here, eat at the restaurant called Roadies and it’s home to NEPA’s number one Internet radio station as well. This is the sign that you will see as you arrive at Penn’s Peak it’s greets you so to say, it also tells you who’s coming to the Peak as well.
This right here houses Penn’s peak well part of it any how it’s home to the Internet radio station right up here. Where all the cars are here that is where you park when you come to see show or whatever is going on out here, along with if you are here to eat this is where you park as well it’s huge lot I must go back and get more photos of the place as well. This is site that you will not see very often but I had to try one of there drink the one that I have here is called Roadies rum runner to me you could taste nothing but the rum it was too strong for me, but if you like your drinks strong then you will love this one. I love the inside of this place it has photos painting and even old records of artist of the past and now it just rocks!!
Well Capt.Kirk he was enjoying his drink that he has as well Yes that is route 66 sign next to us how cool is that we enjoyed out time in here talking and looking round it was nice but the out side on the deck was nicer. We happen to go on day that was raining off and on I was not sure if we would even get good view or not but surprising we did!I just love the view from here it’s like you can see miles and miles almost into another state at times. It’s just breath taking viewLoving the view from here Capt.Kirk
I just love these viewer things they are I don’t know just so fun and classic in way very tourist thing I guess I just had to have photo with it. I hope that you enjoyed the photos that I have sheared with you I will be posting these on my flickr page as well, that page will have all the photos on it. I



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