Spending the week with Capt.Kirk and how I’m spending my summer

What I have done with my summer so far well I have not done much because of the heat, I know I should not let that stop me! Well there is something that I have  done this summer and one of those is that I have friend come visit me on July 24,2010. It was last minute plan I was not able to get off of work to spend the time with him to take him all over like I wanted to but for the most part we did see and cover lot before I went to work. Cap. Kirk as I’m going to call him on here to protect his real name came up to see me for week I was so happy because I have not seen him in 6 or  7 yrs due to the fact that he live in TX and I live in PA, his flight got in on time which I was surprised because for the most part flights are not always on time as we all know. On Sunday the day after he got here we decided that we would take little drive and see some sites mostly the country side that live right near me and PennsPeak which turned out to be quite interesting. I’m going to talk about our ride in the country it’s place called Unionville my Nana grew up in this little area and I happen to find it so peaceful, relaxing and worthy of taking people out to see it mostly because you never know what you will see when you go out there.The photo below is of house out there that I just love it it’s so peaceful look yet fun and as you can see it has huge yard it also kind of reminds me of doll house too. My friend could not get over the homes out there along with the emptiness that is unionville he was surprised to see that even some land is let untouched viva the state.
As we were driving along we came across few attractions of mother nature wild animals keep in mind I was creeping along so he could see everything and so could I. Along our travels we came across this cute little rabbit that was sitting in the middle of the road, we took well Cap.Kirk did all the photo taking on this trip he took photo of it.The little guy must have figured we were done taking photos of him, because of the pic he moved across the road.Here are some deer that we found in filed eating or just standing there. It seemed that they knew as well that we wanted photo of them because they stood still so that we could get few photos of them. I also explained my friend that when there is two there are more hiding right around them. This guys were babies I knew that mom had to be somewhere around watching them, it was amazing that they stood there long enough for us to get photos of them. It’s truly is amazing that their are places where we can’t build or people own land but won’t build to protect nature and it’s animals.
Here is another photo little bit from the spot that we were at now you have 3 deer one is baby yet they knew we were there but carried on eating mostly because they knew somehow we were not after them just photo.Why did the wild turkey cross the road? Well to get to the other side of course LOL!!! little bit down the road from the deer we saw some wild turkey crossing the road, course I had to stop because I wanted photo also I didn’t want to hit them either. there were like 3 or 4 of them some were babies too we were not able to get shot of all of them. How cool is that, that we got to see real live turkey it’s quite interesting seeing them live.Here is shot of turkey kind of close up no worries non of us got out of the car to get the shot we stayed in the car with the window fully opened I got as close as I could with out the little fellow moving thank goodness for zoom cameras right!
Here we have some more deer hiding near some pine tree looking as us like hey you two are nuts yeah take our photo if you want we, will stay still.More in an open filed as well.I saved the best for last these steps are very special to me I know that they don’t look like much to you but once upon time there stood one room school house here where my Nana you use go to. She walked 1.1 miles one way in all kinds of weather to get to this school, she even had to walk 1.1 miles home in all kind of weather as well. My Nana grew up during the great depression she is 85 in case you are trying to do the math, she told me many of stories of how they lived during this time having nothing wearing shoes that didn’t fit or had holes in them. I just had to get photo of this and share with everyone I know only the steps remain now but at one time there was building there where people went to get education where one teacher tough children from k-6th grade I think I’m not sure off hand how far the grades went up to I have to ask my Nana.

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