Product review Paris Hilton’s “The Bandit”

Product review Paris Hilton’s “The Bandit”


Don’t I look good
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It’s time for another product review everyone out there in Blogger land!! This one is on Paris Hilton’s “The bandit” hair extensions , here is the main info about the product right from Sally’s beauty supply store where you can buy this product this is the only place that I know where you can buy her brand of hair extensions I don’t know another other place to get them I’m sure some salons sell them viva her permission but I don’t know any of them. Here is the info about the product now:

•Heat resistant hair
•Curl-Blow Dry-Flat Iron (Maximum Heat 240 degrees F.)
•Create a totally different look everyday
•Fast and easy to put together

The Bandit” by Paris Hilton is all about exploring another side of your personality by creating a totally different look that’s fast and easy to put together. A classic headband style with hair allows you to create a different look every day. “The Bandit” is made of a new heat resistant fiber, up to 240 degrees F. that allows you the flexibility of different styling options. You can use a hair dryer, a blow dryer, curling iron, hot rollers or flat iron on low heat. Includes four interchangeable headbands. Now “That’s Hot!” For short hair brush your hair back. For longer hair, pull back and secure. Slide hairpiece on as you would a hair band. For a custom fit, you can adjust the Velcro tabs on the back of the hairpiece. Package includes detailed application and care instructions.

That is the information right from Sally’s Beauty Supply store who carries her brand of hair extensions now it’s time for my review on this product keep in mind that I don’t have the final say over this product nor am I getting paid to write review of it either I’m do so to share my thoughts of the product with others who might like to know what I have to say and I did not get this product for free either I paid for it from my own money.

Well to start with the packaging it’s very well packaged you get one main Velcro head band on the hair to start and 3 others ones come with it so you have plenty to change around if you get board with the basic black one that they give you,when you open it well the hair has lots of body to it I think so anyhow. It had clips for it to stay in your hair and more Velcro in the back of the weft to tighten it or loosen it if you need to. I like the fact that you can adjust the back if it so that it’s not so tight or not so lose because you don’t want it to dig into your head or be so lose that it’s falls off or something you don’t want to be like oh no there goes my hair my bad!!!! I also like the fact that it’s easy to use and place on your own hair, plus you can add some heat to the weft to either make it curly or more curly and straight if you want it to be that way. I have curled the weft it does curl nicely and stay that way for long time I didn’t even add hair spray or nothing to it. When I want to make it straight I just use my flat iron make it straight and go on with my day!!!! I love love how it feels like I have not weft on my head at all even with all the hot weather that we have been having here on the east cost I have had it on and it felt like it was my own hair. Now let move onto what I don’t like about this product.

Things that I don’t like about this product is it tends to get tangled very easy so you have to brush it more often then you would verses other hair extensions that I have I do not like how it tangles and then it looks like I got into it with rat nest or something! You have to wear side bangs and some of us don’t have bands or want to hid them to make it look like one peace of hair if you have short bands or you have side bangs but then are short then they keep getting in the way so you have to use hair clip or Beret like I did in the photo and make it blend or something. It’s was on the thin side for weft I would have though it would have been thicker not so see through at times. Next when you take the bands off or even go to fix the back peace you have to make sure that the hair dose not get caught in the Velcro but what get me is the peace the weft how it’s made it come through the inside of the weft so then you have to fight to get it back out and make it look nice.

Would I tell someone else to get this product I would because it has it’s pluses and it’s negatives just like anything else but I would warn them if they don’t want to spend time with messing with side bangs or brushing the weft lot then don’t waste your time with this one move on but if you don’t mind or even if you want it just because of the name then sure it’s great.

Here is my rating out of 10*’s
10 stars means that I love it get it get it get it

I will have to give the product an7 1/2 to 8 stars I was in press with the product but not supper impressed with it. please share comments they are welcome with me


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