My first visit to Hindu Temple


I believe few post back I was talking about how I want to go to Hindu temple to see what it looked like and also try to understand Hinduism since I have been fascinated by the religion for as long as I can remember. It must have been faith or density that borough me to this temple well actually it was article in our local news paper I will enclose the link to it here I do hope that you check out the link I think that the article was very well written and explain a lot in it also it dose open up one’s eyes to how all religions are some how connected. After reading the peace in the paper I new that I just had to go see this temple this was sign some above. The name of this place Anoopam Mission you can even find them online here at this site. This temple is world wide the have two more site in India and England as well. I ended up going to the temple on Sunday it did give times in the paper as when to visit but it also said to come when ever you want to. So that is what I did I went on Sunday with my Nana and friend of ours, it was a site to see pulling up to this temple as it sits on hill when you get out of your car you just have to look around and take the whole view in as you can see everything and you feel like you are in heaven or something it;s like you can see the whole world or state for that matter. They do have two levels of parking the top part is for handicap and the lower is for people who don’t need handicap parking. As we starting to walk up and in the door I had to take this photo as it was amazing the door it was beautiful I did find out that all the wood in the temple was hand carved and so was this door
We went over the Memorial day holiday and there were some people there that day who were very kind to show us around and answer some questions that we had all though I DIDN’T get to ask the questions I wanted because of my Nana’s friend who would not let anyone get word in edge wise I WILL be going back, in face the invited us back for mass to see what it’s like and to feeds us as well. I wanted to get more photos of this place but I was kind of afraid to ask I don’t know why I was but I guess I was just nervous I guess, I do plan to go back aging in fact I want to learn all I can about Hinduism. I also loved the fact that the temple on the roof has bells on them I think that is so cool I know it’s on there for reason but still I think it’s so cool and the view from in side was breath taking as well even the inside itself was so beautiful as well, I don’t know why but I felt so at peace, calm,relaxed,like I belonged, renewed. I’m not sure why but I did I even kind of felt as home in way too. I do hope that if you ever come up this way that you do visit this temple. I will be going back when I do I will be asking if I can take some photos.

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